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Parramasala 2013 in its fourth great year

October 4, 2013toOctober 7, 2013



* SYDNEY Festival

Parramasala is an international contemporary arts festival that celebrates the global impact of South Asian arts and cultures.

  • 4-7 October 2013
  • Riverside Theatre and the adjacent Prince Alfred Park, Parramatta

Parramasala is now in its fourth year where the city of Parramatta comes alive for four days with with vibrant arts and entertainment including music, dance, theatre, film, visuals arts and comedy from around the world, as well as authentic South Asian markets featuring handicrafts, fashion, arts and crafts and spices.

 Parramasala 2013 will predominantly be held outdoors in the city’s Prince Alfred Park, along with other festival sites such as the Riverside Theatre and the Chai Temple.

Artists and acts presented in Parramasala come from many parts of the world but they all have one thing in common – being influenced by aspects of South Asian culture and artistic traditions.

 Parramasala 2013 program will go live on the Parramasala website in late August. For more information visit http://parramasala.com and sign up to receive the e-newsletter.

Website: http://parramasala.com/

Contact: 02 8836 7000 or info@parramasala.com

Parramasala 2013 in its fourth great year at Parramatta


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