POLO in Sydney – Paspaley Polo in the City 2009

November 2nd, 2009


Polo in the City 2010 Sydney

Polo in Centennial Park, Sydney.  Get amongst the Polo set in 2009 – ‘Chukka’ at  Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth

Polo Update; Morton Cup 4 April 2010 VIP Marquee invite

  • Sydney, Centennial Park; 
    21  November 2009
  • Melbourne, Flemington Racecourse;  
    22  November 2009

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Adelaide, Nanto Womma Park;  6  December 2009 Perth, Langley Park;  12  December 2009 

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POLO in the City
Get ready for one of the fastest (and fastest growing) games in the world.  Stomp the divots, watch the action and party.
Today, more than 77 countries play polo. It was an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1939 and has now been recognised again by the International Olympic Committee. Whereas once the game was primarily played by Royalty and later cavalry, today the sport has become more accessible and attracts a broader spectrum of society.

The first game in Australia was played at Moore Park, Sydney, in 1874, and from there it spread throughout the country. Unlike in some other countries, in Australia the origins of the sport have always been far more humble, with the farmer being its backbone, as immortalized by Banjo Patterson’s “Geebung Polo Club”.

Over recent years, the growth of the sport across the globe has been substantial, and in Australia, the sport is being embraced by young urban professionals captivated by the excitement and adrenaline of the sport, as well as lured by tranquil and often exquisite bush settings of many country polo tournaments.

Polo is the fastest ball game and some believe it is the fastest growing spectator sport in the world.
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  1. powderpanda says:

    Looking forward to this event. Was told it was sold out but I just picked up some VIP marquee tickets from this last minute website I stumbled across called Lasttix.