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Polo Morton Cup – Frolic at the Polo, Windsor Polo Club


Horses, Hats, Helicopters and a Hot Pink Curry Puff   4 April 2010    Images: MiSociety  Story:  MiSociety

Polo is an exciting game but the Frolicers at the Morton Cup at the Windsor Polo Club were privy to some unexpected on and off field surprises.

Ah a day at the Polo!  Clean air, congenial company, polo princes, half a cow on the barbie  – all in tune with corks a popping.  We’ll just settle back, put our feet up and enjoy a nice quiet day….

Enter John Wayland, one of the instigators of the Windsor Polo Club.  With his broad smile eminating from under his Akubra he proceeded to sit amongst us all to impart a small fraction of his knowledge of Polo.  Not just the rules (you can read them on MiSociety) but some of the finer points that stand a player or team apart from the rest.  John’s stories of how Polo, one of the oldest games in the world, began and other interesting tails (sorry) entertained, educated and geed everyone up for the first game.

Let the chukkas begin.  Firstly there was a slight mishap where a rider fell but he quickly regained his seat.  Then horribl, Hamish McGregor was thrown into the air landing on his back – he didn’t get up.  Within seconds the on-site ambulance zoomed in and not a very long time after an air ambulance helicopter rotated in to whisk Hamish off to hospital.  Hamish is okay and will be back on the field shortly.  Have to say, the immediate and  expert medical attention he received on the spot was most impressive.

Amongst the interesting and fun group at the Frolic at the Polo Marquee was ‘Curry Puff Daddy’ (aka Lawrence Autar in one of his personas).  MiSociety had met this colourful performer previously at the ‘Merchants of Bollywood’ opening night and he took up the offer of a day at the Polo.  Needless to say the ‘Fashions on the Field’ male division was taken out by this turban and hot pink attired gent while the ladies section went to Francesca Tilly in a fabulous Lisa Ho dress.

The ‘divot stomping’ prize went to Lucia Gilmour who won for her mum, Karen, some lovely Moet and $100 towards a marvelous hat by Philadelphia Philpot Millinery. 

Be sure to be in the fun for the next Frolic at the Polo event in October 2010 or just byo a picnic to any Polo tournament.  Details http://www.wpc.org.au/

Summary of the Weekend’s Polo by Debra Wayland
Thankfully the sight of a chopper landing at WPC usually means ‘someone’ has arrived - not to fly an injured player out.

The weekend tournament saw 17 teams play across four grades, all on Windsor Polo Club’s, world class lazer levelled fields. 

That’s 68 players, each with at least 4 horses, +grooms, +saddles, +bandages, +gear, +sticks, +trucks….   the logistics are a tad more involved than a game of tennis or golf.

The 12 goal, A Grade final on Sunday saw “Ellerston” take the cup from the Marshall Team 11-10, with Matt Grimes hitting a terrific final goal just before the horn.  A fast and nail biting game all round.  Ms Ellie Hayden presented the winning team with the “Morton Cup”, one of the oldest trophies in Australia first presented in 1903, by Jock Morton.  Mrs Jane Ashton, widow of Bob Ashton, presented the R R Ashton Memorial trophy, for the champion pony to “Isis”, owned by Hamish Macgregor.  The Bragg Trophy was presented to Matt Grimes of ‘Ellerston’ for the best team of ponies.  Mr Tim Ashton was the tournaments pony judge. 

Public are always welcome, byo picnic and rug. Go to http://www.wpc.org.au/ for tournament dates.

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