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Rachael Finch – favourite to take out Miss Universe 2009

Rachael Finch is wowing them and looks a good bet to take the title next Sunday 23 August 09.  And there’s nothing our Rachael can’t do.

Stefania Fernandez from Venezuela has won the Miss Universe 2009 title

Story and  photos of Rachael Finch

From: The Daily Telegraph   August 21, 2009 12:00AM

Can she do it? … Rachael Finch. Source: The Daily Telegraph

THE stars look to be lining up for Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch, who will find out on Sunday if she has won the title when the competition in the Bahamas comes to a close.

UK betting agency Paddy Power reports punters have backed her into firm favourite territory, with the odds down from $16 to $4.50 this week – the tightest ever offered for a Miss Universe hopeful.

Last year’s winner Miss Venezuela had a $7 starting price and Finch’s Adpro Management Group is hoping her low odds pay off for everyone.

It is the same agency that groomed the 2004 Miss Universe Australia Jennifer Hawkins.

Rachael has the Jessica Alba looks with Lara Croft’s athleticism. Touch football representative for QLD, barefoot waterskiier, happy on land or water or jumping out of a plane….. what can’t this girl do?! Her Personal Trainer Oscar Horky cannot believe her amazing level of coordination…. She skips like Mohammad Ali!

As mentioned, Rachael has already taken the world by storm. Voted by every major beauty pageant website and international betting agency as number one. This has never been achieved by any other Miss Universe Australia entrant. Jennifer’s best was ranked number 5………………. Like Linda Carter, who came runner up to Belinda Green at Miss World in 1972… even if Rachael does not win the title, I truly feel that she could be the next Wonder Woman!

Rachael has got something very special……… combine this with her natural Aussie charm…. And I feel the sky is the limit for Rachael.

AMG is already receiving a bevvy of enquiries for Rachael both at a national and international level. Her potential, whether it be modelling, TV presenting or even the potential of major film roles, is limitless.



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