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Redlands Westpac Art Prize 2012 Winners and Exhibition details

May 2, 2012toAugust 1, 2012



Ben Quilty and Kelly Doley win 2012 Redlands Westpac Art Prizes on exhibition at the NAS
  Redlands Westpac Art Prize winning painting by Ben Quilty

  • Redlands Westpac Art Prize 2012
  • Exhibition Dates: 3 May until 2 August 2012

2012 Redlands Westpac Art Prize announces winners
The 2012 Redlands Westpac Art Prize, held for the first time, has awarded 2011 Archibald Winner Ben Quilty winner of the ‘established artist’ category for an intimate and moving portrait of his father. Sydney-based artist Kelly Doley has been named winner of the coveted ‘emerging artist’ category. 

Ben Quilty and Kelly Doley were selected from the 47 contemporary visual artists from across Australia and New Zealand . The winning artists will be awarded a total of $31,000 in prize money, with $20,000 allocated to the established artist category and $10,000 for the emerging artist. A further $1,000 is allocated for a visitors’ choice award based on public votes gathered during the exhibition.

Where to see the Redland Westpac Art Prize 2012
National Art School Gallery
Forbes Street,DarlinghurstNSW
The Gallery is free entry andopen from 10am –4pm, Monday –Saturday.
Exhibition Dates: 3 May until 2 August 2012

The prestigious 16th annual Redlands Westpac Art Prize was this year curated by respected Sydney-based artist Lindy Lee. The Prize was judged by a panel including Rachel Kent, Senior Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art; Katie Dyer, NAS Curator; and Redlands Visual Arts teachers Mark Harpley and Fabian Byrne.

Judge Rachel Kent said that in selecting Ben Quilty as the recipient of the 2012 Redlands Westpac Art Prize, she was drawn both to the artist’s technical mastery of paint and his choice of subject matter.

Ben Quilty is based in regional New South Wales and known for his paintings addressing themes of masculinity, youth, and the rites of passage from childhood to maturity. Often his subjects are family and friends, painted with a characteristically spare, impasto style – thick, textured sweeps of paint against an unadorned background, in which the contrast of shadow and light creates visual depth,’ said Ms Kent.

Emerging Artist category winner Kelly Doley is a founding member of Sydney performance/video collaboration Brown Council. Doley’s solo practice preferences collaboration and exchange with people and imagines possible futures and ways of life.

The winning work by Doley, The Learning Centre: 49 Things Learnt About Humans, traverses painting, performance and installation. Since 2010, the young artist has received over 27 lessons from members of the public in exchange for a painting of their choice.

Commenting on her winning art work, Kelly Doley said: ‘Over the past two years, I have undertaken an ongoing investigation into the sorts of principles, objectives and knowledge people uphold in order to find or maintain meaning in their lives. The blackboards are leftover from a lesson on Alchemy and a lesson on Indigenous Nyungar Culture. The book is a collation of everything I have learnt and includes quotes from Anarchists, to Christians, scientists and artists to Life Coaches and Shamans. Some profound, some banal.’


Redlands Westpac Art Prize Winner: Ben Quilty ‘Dad’ 2012, 190 x 140cm, Oil on Linen

The Westpac Redlands Prize has a unique model in that Sydney artists and Curator of the prize, this year Lindy Lee, initially invited 22 established artists and an artist collective to participate. Each of those artists in turn selected an emerging artist to submit work. This approach fosters mentoring relationships between older and younger generations of practicing visual artists.

The ‘pairings’ of established and emerging artists that will present work in the Prize are as follows:

Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan nominated emerging artist Emma Lindsay
Stephen Bird nominated emerging artist Anne Kwasner
Gina Bruce nominated emerging artist Addison Marshall
Adam Chang nominated emerging artist Danny Chang
Marley Dawson nominated emerging artist Coen Young
David Eastwood nominated emerging artist Theresa Darmody
Maria Fernanda Cardoso nominated emerging artist Clare Milledge
Anne Ferran nominated emerging artist Barbara Doran and Jason Watson
Newell Harry nominated emerging artist Max Lieberman
Song Ling nominated emerging artist Natasha Bienjek 
Stephen Little nominated emerging artist Akira Alvarez-Sharkey
Danie Mellor nominated emerging artist Leonard Andy and Kate Scardifield
Kate Murphy nominated emerging artist Scott Morrison
Rodney Pople nominated emerging artist Ben Ali Ong
Ben Quilty nominated Josey Kidd-Crowe
Nusra Qureshi nominated emerging artist Jessie Angwin
Elvis Richardson nominated emerging artist Emily Hunt
Joan Ross nominated emerging artist Dara Gill
Paul Ryan nominated emerging artist Jason Wing
Rachel Scott nominated emerging artist Aoife Milson
Samuel Tupou nominated emerging artist Ryan Presley
Justene Williams nominated emerging artist Kelly Doley
Regina Wilson nominated emerging artist Patsy Marfura

Redlands Westpac Art Prize has a rich history of working with some of Australia and New Zealand’s most acclaimed artists including Arthur Boyd, Tim Maguire, Tim Storrier, Garry Shead, Guan Wei, Dorothy Napangardi, Gloria Petyarri, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, ImantsTillers and Ray Crooke.

About Redlands
Established in 1884, Redlands is a leading Sydney independent school with a reputation for innovation in education. Over the past 126 years, Redlands has expanded significantly from its beginnings as a small school of five students to the vibrant, co-educational, international environment of today and during that time has led much innovation in education. An extensive range of programs – academic, sports, creative and performing arts, outdoor education, service – gives students the opportunity to learn, to achieve and to develop their unique skills and talents.

About the National Art School
The National Art School (NAS) is the longest continuing art school in Australia and has an impressive alumni of acclaimed Australian artists many of whom are key figures in the history of Australian art and contemporary art practice. Located in the historic sandstone surrounds of the old Darlinghurst Gaol, the School offers Bachelor of Fine Art, Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours), Master of Fine Art (Research) and short courses in visual art. NAS students undertake intensive tuition in the specialist disciplines of ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture, supported by the study of art history and theory. The National Art School Gallery’s program reflects the vitality of the visual arts. In connection with the exhibitions NAS Gallery offers a lively program of events including talks, seminars and workshops.


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