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RSVP 2008 – The event makers exhibition and party

An event by the event makers.  One would expect it be some party – and it sure was.  For picsRSVP is the PR and Event Manager’s trade showcase of the year.  The exhibition held at Sydney’s Exhibition Hall was a wonderland of themed areas of everything from a ‘Sheik’s lair’ to a myriad of high end table settings to balloons dancing in glass cages to performers representing all niches of the event industry.  Everyone was there for this professionally staged exhibition.

The launch night kicked off with party goers being chauffeured to the Argyle in the Rocks by the fantastic floating glass walled nautical party venue the “Bella Vista”.  With drinks flowing and delicious canapés (the prawns were the best we’d had in some time) the buzzy crowd was reluctant to leave for the shore.

‘Hula hooped’ to the Argyle by the girls from ‘Aerialize’ the now warmed up throng burst along the red carpet into the genial warmth of one of Sydney’s most popular venues – the Argyle.    The Argyle was the perfect choice of venue with its cobblestoned courtyard and stunning multi-leveled interiors. 

As the night progressed it became obvious the organizers of events and happenings make most genial guests themselves.  Even the massive screen transmitting the State of Origin final did not interrupt the flow of bubbling chatter and camaraderie evident from every corner of the scene.  Well done.

2008 RSVP

Tracy Golden and Jane Gang from JJ O’Brien on-board the ‘Bella Vista’

RSVP 2008

Catherine Daniel, Bel Macedone, Leanne Kelly and Elli Huber from ‘Aerialize’

RSVP 2008

Claire Mallin and Mathew Beardsly

 RSVP 2008

Marsha Fahir from ‘Song Division’ with Emmaline Waclik of 72 Erskine

RSVP 2008

Angie Cleone from ‘Event Buddies’ with Kim Hesse of  Venues 2  Events


Awards being presented on the ‘Bella Vista’


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