Russian Standard Vodka Launch, Opera Point, Sydney Opera House

September 17th, 2009

15 September 2009  Story: MiSociety Photos: Bill Rankin & MiSociety

Russian Standard Vodka arrives in Sydney, Australia .. “ypa” (pron “Yi-pah”)
A vodka heist in Sydney this week netted  17,000 bottles of vodka for the perpetrators – but never  fear the Russians are now here  and bringing with them Russian Standard Vodka and it’s unlike any vodka most of us have ever tasted.

With the backdrop of a  Sydney Harbour sunset  ‘Opera Point’ glowed with the Russian signature red.   Russian Standard Vodka was the vital ingredient for  some of the most delicious cocktails on offer in Sydney.  Our fav was the concoction of  Russian Standard Vodka, sparkling wine and cranberries – wonderful – hic.

The all too good  cocktails were mixed by the Russian Standard Vodka’s Ambassador and former Australian Bartender Magazine’ Barman of the Year’, Oliver Stuart with the very excellent canapes by Simon Sandall of Opera Point Catering.

Amongst the guests were His Excellency Russian Ambassador, Alexander Blokhin and Founder and Chairman of Russian Standard, Roustam Tariko, Miss Universe Austalia, Rachael Finch, Charlotte and Bridget Holmes a Court and Justine Schofield of ‘Masterchef’. 

The whole event was a glowing success topped off  with velvety smooth neat shots of this highest of quality vodkas sending us all off with our own warm ‘ glow’.
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