Samsung Electronics Australia Launch of the 2013 Smart TV Range

April 23rd, 2013



Samsung Electronics Australia launch of the 2013 Smart TV range photos images story: MiSociety
Sydney 17 April 2013

Bigger really is better – in Smart TV land anyway
Samsung Electronics Australia launched the first TV that speaks back to you in an Australian accent at a huge event at the Events Centre in Sydney’s Star Casino.

Samsung Electronics Australia, using the tag line “Bigger is Better” for their new next-generation ultra-large top of the pile Samsung S9 UHD TV, stage managed the event to create the feeling of  BIG.  Guests were dwarfed by a huge stage and the presentation of a bedazzling light show.  Sneaky Sound System, complete with gold clad bodies bearing huge fans, added to the excitement already portrayed by Samsung who appear to have become the hottest ‘IT’ mob around after claiming 40% of the mobile phone market.

Smart TVs that talk back!  Yes folks, ask any question and these Teevs will find an answer – from “what’s on tonight” right through to name an actor and it will find a movie in which they star – and beyond.  No more wearing out the fingers on the remote just ask/tell it what you want.  Hmm a conversation with your television is now likely to be more entertaining than some of the actual television shows that are being served up.

Samsung Electronics Australia’s 85 inch Samsung S9 UHD TV will be available from May 2013 and rocks in at around $40,000 and includes a bespoke installation service.  Should that be a little out of you budget hemisphere there are several other models that may sit more comfortably both within your viewing area and wallet.

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