Savvi VIP Media Launch & Celebration

July 16th, 2010

14 July 2010       Photos and Story;  MiSociety

‘Savvi’ adult toys come of age with Lelo Swedish design
MiSociety and the range of invitations we receive is nothing if not diverse, but, we have to confide that  the invitation to a VIP media launch for a range of high end adult toys in a Gin Garden was something a little out of the ordinary.

The Gin Garden at The Establishment was packed.  Media from TV, magazines, newspapers, the lot – they were all there and they were all eager to take a peek at the merchandise on display.

Melanie Tait, author of ‘The Vegemite Tales’ and now with the ABC, gave a witty and fun speech that added to the general ‘buzzy’ feel of the party.  It was also noted by one of Savvi’s reps that conveniently, the ‘toys’ come with ‘locking’ mechanisms so they don’t go off at any inappropriate moments.  This, she stressed, was important for her as she often  carries bag loads of the product through airports (hmm no further comment here – got the giggles).

A Sunday tabloid had neglected to brief their snapper on the event so as he intently peered into one of the display cases containing a real gold ‘piece’, the look on his face as recognition crossed, it was a hoot.

Now we all know sex sells and with these little numbers, designed and manufactured by Swedish compay Lelo, ranging up to $2000 each we reckon Savvi should do very well indeed.

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