Screening Room `Precarious´ plus Discussion with the Artist at the NAS

October 31st, 2011



Video Screening – Merilyn Fairskye’s Precarious is a haunting evocation of the aftermath of the explosion at Chernobyl, 25 years on.

  • Tuesday 8 November 2011 – 6-8pm
  • free

Video Screening `Precarious´ plus Discussion with the Artist at the National Art School Sydney
This visually stunning road movie takes the spectator on a bleak journey from the shores of the Black Sea to the frozen heart of Chernobyl, passing through desolate, snowy landscapes, littered with abandoned villages. Squatting in this icy wasteland, the ghostly sarcophagus of Reactor Number 4 is a constant reminder of the threat still lurking below.

Merilyn Fairskye is an artist and NAS alumna who makes videos and photographs through her production company, Plus & Minus Productions.

Cell Block Theatre
National Art School
Forbes Street @ Burton Street
+61 2 9339 8744

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