Short + Sweet week 8 Final Heats and Gala Finals

February 17th, 2011


SHORT+SWEET SYDNEY 2011 week eight – the final heat and gala finalists so far confirmed

  • Run up to the Gala Finals 11 -12 March 2011

Week 8 of Short+Sweet’s 10th anniversary season continues at the Parade Playhouse (NIDA) in parallel with Newtown Theatre’s own quality program of world class ten minute theatre. Twice the drama, romance and comedy thrills with independent judges as well as audience voting, all climaxing at the Gala Finals on 11 & 12 March.

Highlights at the NIDA Parade Playhouse in Kensington include iconic Sydney identity Gretel Pinniger (aka ‘Madam Lash’) starring in her own autobiographical piece All For Art – Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast!!! (I’ve Fowwowed dat Wabbit) directed by Jake Blundell and also featuring Peter Whitehead and Anna Young.

A Girl With a Dragon Tale is written and directed by Kingsley Rowston. Starring Matt Orchard, Eliza St John, Stefanie Gerstner, Sontaan Hopson and Shaelee Rooke,it’s a modern parable, set within a grim fairy tale.

Dominic Stone’s With a Hand of Wax features Alistair Cooke and Valentino Arico in a piece that traces the past and present life of an abuse survivor. “Ruben” who shares his life with “Danny”, has learnt to deal with his past by building a world filled with poetry.

Last Rites by Tira Palmquist features Daniel Csutkai and Martin Estridge directed by Wayne Underwood.
Two brothers clash as they reunite to bury their sister’s ashes.

In Nuns Gone Wild, three nuns discover one another’s experiences of sex and learn more about each other than they bargained for. Bryan Cutts directs Helen Perris, Brigid O’Sullivan and Annalouise Paul in Singapore writer Leon Foo’s play.

Tea for Terror by Robert Luxford is directed by Andrew James with Margie McCrae, Sophie Gregg, Caroline Downs, Leo Domigan and Alastair Buchanan. “Beating addiction wasn’t meant to be this hard.”

At Newtown Theatre Beautiful is directed by Lisa Eismen and stars Gerard O’Dwyer and Kate Hardy. Gerard has Down Syndrome and won best actor at Tropfest for the the film “Be My Brother”. Writer of Beautiful, David Bulmer, has a Down Syndrome daughter. The play won its heat at Crash Test Drama.

Alana Simpson directs Vee Malnar’s I Count Therefore I Am, featuring Johnny Wignall and Janet Shay. A man counts himself into existence but his lover out of it; a tragi-comedy with two characters separated by a counting obsession. In the end, who counts?

Jon-Claire Lee directs Martha Patterson’s Girl Before A Mirror, featuring Kelly Anderson, Albert Goldingray and Marilyn Gotlieb. Pablo Picasso falls in love with 20 year old French model Marie-Therese Walter.  Eventhough she knows he’s married, Marie becomes the Muse and his sex toy until he moves on to his next subject in his relentless quest for artistic and lustful satisfaction.

My Last Sunday, written and directed by Garreth Cruikshank, stars Matt Thompson, Christophe Truschel and the writer. “What would you do if your partner packed all his possessions into a stack of suitcases and left… forever – while maintaining he was just going away for a couple of weeks?”

Hannah Ky McCann directs Genevieve Kenneally’s X – where Elizabeth McRae as “Geraldine” and Pablo Woodward as “X” muse on the relationship connundrum: what if every X were a stop sign??

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