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Short+Sweet 2010 – ‘Urban Jungle’ rehearsal too realistic

Last night while rehearsing in the director’s Kings Cross flat, the cast of “Urban Jungle” (one of the 10 minute plays in next week’s Short+Sweet program at Newtown Theatre) nearly got arrested.
With Plod alerted by several neighbours that something nasty was going on, an intrepid police officer climbed to the second floor balcony to find a women apparently dead on the floor within with a syringe and a hammer at her side. He burst in, just as the lines “This is the best hit I’ve ever had!” and “She injected you with drugs!” were shouted. Director Kelly Robinson explained that they were actors rehearsing a play, showed him the props were toys and the good-humoured officer was placated. Kelly complimented her cast on their convincing performances… then suggested they drop a few decibels until opening night!
“The Urban Jungle” by Canberra ’s Bruce Hoogendoorn is a merciless send-up of government’s drug education campaigns. Directed by Kelly Robinson, it stars Melissa Armstrong, Sophie O’Brien and Anthony Sottile.

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