Sulman Prize 2011 Winner Peter Smeeth talks about ‘The Artists Fate’

April 19th, 2011


15 April 2011      Written by Peter Smeeth for MiSociety
Peter Smeeth – The Artist’s Fate
This painting could be about the artist’s death or it could simply be a “literal translation in paint” of how an artist feels when rejected by judges in an art prize, a  client, a dealer or a gallery.

Of course almost everyone suffers from some form of rejection at various times in their life and most are much more significant than a self absorbed artist’s feeling of disappointment.  For example, the end of a relationship and termination of employment can generate massive feelings of rejection and this painting endeavours to show the pain of this emotion in pictorial form rather than in words.

Rejection feels like:   
it has cost an arm and a leg,
getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick, 
being emasculated,
having your heart ripped out,
and being left completely gutted!

It is ironic that a painting about rejection is accepted and doubly so when it wins……… can’t get more “UNrejected” than that!

– Peter Smeeth

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