Sulman Prize Art Prize 2010 – Winner Announced – Michael Lindeman

March 17th, 2010


The Sir John Sulman Prize Winner Michael Lindeman   for Paintings, prints & wall hangings  announced 26 March 2010

List of Archibald finalists       Images Archibald finalists work 
Sulman Prize Winner      Wynne Prize Winner

  • On View 27 March – 30 May 2010

Art Gallery Rd, The Domain 2000
Sydney, Australia
Open daily 10am – 5pm, Wednesdays until 9pm Closed Christmas Day & Good Friday
Information line
1800 679 278   More info

Finalists 2010 Sulman Prize
Baillieu, Marianne – Seaside Eden: reflections on a time of innocence
Bertini, Jo – Tracking the night parrot
Bezor, Annette – Silent violent
Chambers, Lucinda – Spring blossom
Court, Criena – Interior (deer)
Culliton, Lucy – Rice crackers
Daverington, Peter – The temple
Eather, Michael – Vanity
Evans, Neil – She walks these hills in a long black veil. She visits my grave when the night winds wail
Harkness, John – The new Jerusalem
Hungerford, Judy – Humanimal I
Johnstone, Belinda – Front loader
Kamholtz, Damien – Breath
Keeling, Anwen – Bright Bay in paddock with girl
Lee, Adam – Our pregnant condition (Lacuna)
Lindeman, Michael – Paintings, prints & wall hangings
Lloyd, Tony – Why do we remember the past, but not the future
Manning, Dean – The ballad of Frank ‘the darkie’ Gardiner
McKenna, Noel – Sankey Street (Brisbane) Dare
Monteith, Stephanie – Hold up
Ohnesorge, Nana – Dead meat
Powditch, James – Cathedral
Ralph, David – After the rain
Reichelt, Victoria – New York, New York
Selwood, Paul – Sacred play
Smith, Ben – Even Cerberus has become doubtful
Strampp, Adriane – The crossing
Waddell, Craig – Whirly girly
Williams, Caroline – Sonia Tolstoi searches for their dying husband, Astapovo 1910
Wills, Marcus – The doom
Young, Coen – Untitled no 1

What is the Sulman Prize?
Sir John Sulman Prize
is awarded annually for “the best subject/genre painting and/or murals/mural project executed during the two years preceding the [closing] date …”
Value: $20,000 (non-acquisitive)
Medium: oil, acrylic, watercolour or mixed media.

Other information: A genre painting is normally a composition representing some aspect or aspects of everyday life, and may feature figurative, still-life, interior or figure-in-landscape themes. A subject painting, in contrast to a genre painting, is idealised or dramatised. Typically, a subject painting takes its theme from history, poetry, mythology or religion. In both cases, however, the style may be figurative, representative, abstract or semi-abstract. A mural is a picture that is affixed directly to a wall or ceiling, as part of an architectural and/or decorative scheme.
Applicants must have been resident in Australia for a period of 5 years prior to the closing date.

How the view the Sulman Prize winner?

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