Sydney Activities for the Kids and Families

August 13th, 2010

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Looking for something new for the kids to do?  Pony rides, skateboarding,  scarecrow design workshops, spooky Halloween party, pony ride, search for sprintime fairies, frisbee, more

  • September, October and November
  • Centennial Parklands

Family fun activities across Centennial Parklands.  Get your children active.

For the months of September, October and November, Centennial Parklands will embrace the transition from winter to spring and take advantage of the longer days through its visitor events and activities program.

 Celebrate spring with a variety of activities for all ages, whether you want to entertain children, go on a family adventure or just enjoy the beauty that Centennial Parklands offers the whole community.

Children can take a pony ride, participate in scarecrow design workshops or attend a spooky Halloween party! Adults can jump on a bike and join Ranger Di for a highlights tour of Centennial Parklands most historic and beautiful spots, finish a winter workout before enjoying a long lunch at CP Dining or visit the Village Markets at Moore Park every Wednesday and Saturday.

Springtime Fairies is on Thursday 30 September and Friday 8 October and is a delightful, mischievous and mystical activity where toddles can search for fairies flying and hiding across Centennial Parklands… their own Enchanted Forest. Participants can discover the magical trinkets that have been left behind. Children can dress up as their favourite fairy, elf or goblin and see if they can spot where the fairies have played! Beautiful face painting and colourful craft is included on this magical adventure.

During the school holidays on Wednesday 6 October there is a Wildlife Workshop: Australia’s Dinosaurs where children discover where T-Rex, Minmi, Dwarf Allosaur and Muttaburrasauras may have roamed Centennial Parklands in search of food, shelter and fun! Children are invited to learn what they ate, where they roamed and how they walked. Come ‘digging for clues’ with one of the Centennial Parklands rangers and find out everything there is to know about Dinosaurs in Sydney.

Great school holiday activity on Monday 27, Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 September is Ultimate Frisbee. Children can be part of the new and exciting ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ team at Centennial Park. Established as one of Australia’s favourite backyard games, Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact team sport that requires speed and grace to score points by passing the disc to a team-mate who must catch it in the end-zone. It’s fun, fast-paced and enjoyable at all levels!

Do your children crave some serious action?  There is a fantastic new Scooter Riding, Skateboarding and Inline Skating Workshop on Wednesday 29, Thursday 30 and Friday 1 October. Children can learn how to do an ‘ollie’, a ‘tail whip’ or a ‘manual’ on your skateboard or scooter with the qualified instructors from Skater HQ. For those who would like to try Inline Skating, they can teach you how to perfect your speed, ‘barrel rolling’ and ‘the grapevine’. There is a choice of activities with a focus on safety and fun. Cost includes gear and coaching for this action packed camp where all levels are welcome. 

It is important to book quickly as spaces do run out swiftly.

For more information or to book now, please see attached Centennial Parklands Springtime Activities document. You can also visit or phone (02) 9339 6699.

Centennial Parklands is also running a competition where children can win two double passes for Springtime Fairies on Friday 8 October. To enter, in 25 words or less, email your own Enchanted Forest spell.  It needs to be a spell that the fairies and elves could use to help look after Centennial Park.

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