Sydney ART Exhibition – Silver + Black, Hit + Run

April 29th, 2010


Silver + Black exhibition + Hit + Run – aMBUSH Gallery
Exhibition Opening Night photos

  • Hit + Run Thurs 29 April (one night only)
  • Silver + Black exhibition runs 29 April – 8 May FREE

aMBUSH Gallery – 4A James St, Waterloo               

Thursday 29 April will see T-World stage Hit + Run, the successful live screen-printing events that started in LA and are now renowned throughout the world. Hit + Run will be staged at Asahi Silver + Black for one night only. Open to the public, a limited number of guests will have the opportunity to create their own T-shirt to take home, choosing from exclusive designs from a range of international artists.

One of the highlights of the Asahi Silver + Black exhibition is the Karakuchi Project, a collection of work from six international artists who were specially selected to contribute their own interpretation of the Japanese characters ‘Karakuchi’  (Japanese translation for ‘crisp, dry taste’) featured on the Asahi Super Dry label.

Artists involved in the Karakuchi Project include NATAS KAUPAS (USA), DYLAN MARTORELL (Australia), MICHAEL LEON (USA), MCBRIDE CHARLES RYAN ARCHITECTS (Australia), TOSHIKAZU NOZAKA (Japan) and Japanese artist USUGROW, renowned all over the world for his influence and involvement in the underground art and music scene.

Collaborations with other creative brands include Casio/G Shock and DC, who have also embraced the ‘wabi-sabi’ concept. Casio/G Shock has joined forces with multimedia artist, RHETT DASHWOOD, to present a unique interpretation of the concept of time, while DC will present a modern-day take on a centuries-old tradition with an installation that parallels the ancient values of the Samurai with the modern day skater.

For further information on the Asahi Silver + Black exhibition and a full list of featured artists please visit

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