Sydney Cockatoo Island – Drawing Lines In The Sand

January 31st, 2012



  • Opening Saturday 18 February from 2pm
  • Exhibition runs 19 February – 18 March 2012

Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour will play host to a group exhibition presented by Peloton. Drawing Lines in the Sand is six installation projects in various locations across the eastern apron of the island that engage with various aspects of Cockatoo Island’s institutional heritage and topography. They consider the island as a historic, tangible place and a symbolic space more broadly. What connects them is a reflection on conditions of interiority and exteriority in a uniquely Australian context. The exhibition examines the legacy of what Elizabeth McMahon describes as, “the Western colonialist tropism of island territories as condensed sites of acquisition, containment and control,” from a perspective that encompasses contradictory and conflicting extremes, articulating a geographic imaginary particular to the Island Continent.

This is not your average art exhibition – visitors can explore a Virtual Reality Simulator, take a walk through a forest of scaffolding, follow a journey descending into a saltmine, hear a ghost of the many machines that once were deafening within the island’s workshops, and perhaps get lost within a giant drawing.

Artists: Julia Davis, Elizabeth Day, Christian Edwardes, Lisa Jones + Derek Allan, Geoff Kleem, and Adam Norton
Curator: Claire Taylor

Exhibition open daily 11am–4pm. For more information visit:

For transport information visit Cockatoo Island offers accommodation, venue hire, major events, exhibitions, tours, a waterfront kiosk, BBQ and picnic areas and business tenancy. The Visitor Centre is open daily from 10am-4pm and entry is free. Visit more information.

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