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Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2013 galleries, talks program, public events

September 19, 2013toSeptember 22, 2013



* SYDNEY  Contemporary Art

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2013 - inaugural public program to be presented during the new international contemporary art fair being held at Redfern-based multi-disciplinary arts institution Carriageworks

  • 19 - 22 September 2013
  • Carriageworks Redfern

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2013 with over 80 galleries taking part in this inaugural biennial Fair showcasing the most exciting visual art, providing insights into current trends and emergent practices through the exhibiting galleries, from Australia and around the globe.

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Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2013 public program will complement the gallery presentations with guided tours, educational workshops, guest speakers, panel discussions and an extensive VIP program. Talk Contemporary presented by headline media partner, the Australian Financial Review, caters to existing local and international art collectors whilst also offering an entry point to collecting for newcomers to contemporary art,” said Mr Keldoulis.

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair 2013 Galleries
Artist Julia deVille from Sophie Cannon Gallery in Melbourne, exhibits her captivating ‘memento mori’, which displays as a deceased cow hung from the rear, among a beautiful selection of jewellery. Not only was she commissioned by Hobart’s MONA, deVille won the City of Hobart Art Prize in 2012. This work will be sure to leave you questioning mortality and the infinite relationship to the animal world.

Enter the fantastical world of artist Paul Yore from Neon Parc Gallery who exhibits a heavily decorated installation. Made from old toys, reclaimed wood, plastic flowers, fairy lights and coloured water-fountains, combined with kinetic sculptures that operate small bells and chimes. Allowing you to enter through a hidden doorway, one is subject to discovery when facing a reflective, austere interior.
Hong Kong Gallery, 10 Chancery Lane will be presenting artist, Dinh Q. Lê who will be exhibiting a three-channel video installation, Sound and Fury. The work is based in Vietnam, filmed in the capital city, Hanoi, through to the southern part of Ho Chi Minh City. Lê documents the nations contradictory culture of two generations.

Down south, the Melbourne Gallery, Fehily Contemporary, produces the highly acclaimed three-channel work from artist, Ash Keating, titled West Park Proposition. Keating has won two terrific prizes for his work this year, the Substation Contemporary Art Prize and the Guirguis Art Prize. The visually pleasing work has been acquired by both the NGV and Monash Museum of art.

Alongside these artists is a video and performance presentation by Sydney based artist, Heath Franco who has been popular with press while winning the prestigious Churchie Emerging Artist Award in 2012. Represented by Galerie PomPom, Franco’s work is made around an examination of obsession, desire and popular modes of leisure. This work is revealed through a deranged and eclectic video, featuring his usual cast of twisted characters. 

Brisbane Gallery, David Prestorius Projects, which offers its viewers a radically intimate engagement with abstract art, is installing an exciting work, titled, Abstract Cabinen, by artist A.D.S. Donaldson.

One of Australia’s leading galleries, Martin Browne Contemporary, reveals artist Baden Pailthorpe. Pailthorpe will display a hypnotic film of an Australian solder rhythmically moving in a poetic, psychedelic dance, challenging the politics of disciplined movement. The work signifies the dark mysticism or military history.

Damiano Bertoli who is currently undertaking his PhD, is displaying two works represented by Neon Parc Gallery. His works, titled, ‘Continuous Moment: And And And’ and ‘Non Mousieur, Mon Mari’ are photographic montages, presenting an ongoing investigation into how artists negotiate the past, present and future through their work.

Sydney Contemporary 2013 Talks
Talk topics range from the anti-aesthetic versus beauty in art; whether to collect from Australia or internationally; the crossover between art and fashion and how contemporary art inspires creative people across various disciplines, including food, architecture and graphic design.

Speakers for the  inaugural biennial Fair include founder of Kaldor Public Art Projects John Kaldor AM, actor Rachel Griffiths, chef Kylie Kwong, architect Nick Tobias, Arts Journalist Andrew Frost, Art Fair Director Barry Keldoulis and artists including Del Kathryn Barton, Nell, and Island 6 from Hong Kong.  The public program is designed for people of all ages and will be presented throughout the four-day event this September at locations around Carriageworks.

4A Director Aaron Seeto has been appointed to curate the inaugural Installation Contemporary, an exhibition of large-scale sculpture and installations by cutting-edge contemporary artists. Mark Feary, Curator of Artspace, will curate Video Contemporary; a presentation of moving image artworks by Australian and international contemporary artists working at the very forefront of the medium.


Anti-aesthetic vs. Beauty
This panel discussion will explore the convoluted relationship between beauty and meaning in contemporary art. The ‘anti-aesthetic’ as defined by Hal Foster in 1980, denotes art that is made without explicit aesthetic purpose. Anti-aesthetic art often represents ideas that are political, questioning identity, gender or ethnicity for example, whereas aesthetic art is created for the appreciation of its beauty. Our speakers will endeavor to answer the questions: How do we define what is beautiful, and is there a place for beauty in critical practice? Does the anti-aesthetic somehow elevate the credibility of the work or is it just ugly?

Australia vs. The World: The Collecting Question
Is the Australian art collector too parochial, or indeed the opposite? Most collectors generally buy the work of artists from their home country, with of course some notable and glaring exceptions. Globalisation is now a universal phenomenon. The question is, in the face of rampant internationalisation, is it best to support the cultural output of your own country: should Australians buy local?

Art into Fashion: Fashion into Art
Hear creative people talk about blurring the line between art and design through collaboration. How do artists and designers work together? Is some of the ‘art’ lost or enhanced in its new form?

The Creative Brunch
We talk to individuals at the top of their respective fields and find out what gets their creative juices flowing.  Sydney Contemporary Art Fair Director Barry Keldoulis will mediate the discussion and speakers will include actor Rachel Griffiths, chef Kylie Kwong, and architect Nick Tobias.

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