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Sydney Customs House – Lights for the Blind

December 3, 2010toJanuary 31, 2011


An exhibition of a design innovation using LEDs as Braille by Rob Caslick

  • Exhibition runs December 2010 – January 2011

Rob Caslick, industrial designer & project manager for Medland Metropolis, has revolutionized Braille signage…
Have you ever wondered how a blind person locates braille signage in public spaces?
When Rob Caslick discovered that 90% of people diagnosed as blind could sense light, he began to wonder at the value of lights for the blind. By designing out of this conundrum, Rob Caslick created a new form of signage using LED’s to write the braille language.
The innovation which has been wholeheartedly embraced by Vision Australia, enables blind people to both locate signs in the environment and read them using their sense of touch.  It is even possible for some blind people to read the braille signs using their light perception ability without the need to touch the LED braille.
Rob Caslick’s Lights for Blind is a pioneering application of LED’s for braille signage and is possibly unique in the world. An exhibition sponsored by Medland Metropolis Consulting Engineers is to be held at Customs House, Sydney opening in December 2010.
The exhibition will feature 16 panels of LED braille quotes and anecdotes about light and the experience of blindness. It will be a visual and sensorial treat that is expected to stimulate engagement with the blind community and raise awareness among sighted people of the challenges that blind people face on an everyday basis.

Customs House Sydney
Circular Quay


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