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Sydney Fringe Festival 2011 – what’s on listings

September 9, 2011toOctober 2, 2011


Theatre, Music Theatre and Cabaret at the Sydney Fringe!  Almost 80 theatre and cabaret options and all are amazing.  Come to the Cabaret

  • 9 September – 2 October 2011

See below for shows sorted by venue/locality.

 Seymour Centre:
Pirate Rhapsody, Mermaid Requiem – Tommy Brunson’s surreal and poetic cabaret;
LadyNerd – hilarious musical comedy fun with Keira Daley;
Is that How You’re Going to do it? – Two performers…… One show….Eventually;
Death of an Albatross – The last two couples in a dying town must decide: stay or go?
Product – A brutal, jet-black satire that exposes the pseudoisms of popular culture.
Poet Tree, A Bit Too Close to Home – at no stage did she seek, nor was ever given, Council approval, for these poems.

Cafe Nookie, Surry Hills:
Cycles – A short play about close quarters competition in the bike lane.

At the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst:
Closer – a taut four-hander about betrayal, love and lust. By Patrick Marber
The Will – horrific love. empty loss. comedy anyway. and, a chance.
The Restoration of Girl with Curls – Welcome to the Gallery: a surreal mess of sex, chaos and Salvador Dalí.

Old 505 Theatre, Surry Hills:
Shakespeare’s Will -Shakespeare’s wife reminisces on a life both sustained and stifled by her union with the most lauded writer in history
Lahara – Live loops of World/Funk/Dub music in an electronic visual environment, animated with a contemporary spin on traditional shadow puppetry.
Cabaroke – The unmistakable, knock about charm of KaraOke combined for the first time with the swanky heights of Cabaret. It’s Kabaroke!
My Paris – This one woman show is a fast, funny, brutally honest account of a Brisbane girl’s gateway to life;
Courtesan Remixed – The life story of a Courtesan told in an engaging dance theatre narrative;

 Sidetrack Theatre in Marrickville:
Week 1 focuses on Cabaret / Musical Theatre with Two Tenners for Two Tenors – a cabaret show starring Toby Francis and Daniel Belle; and
Broadway Bard – Starring Julian Kuo – and written by Melvyn Morrow
Week 2 has a bit more of a skew towards comedy with Every Base Covered and Ryan Coffey – Live and Stupider
Week 3 is a mix and features  John & Jen – a delightful and fresh two-hander musical; and the inimitiale Peter Coombes with 3 concerts for kids
Week 4 features The 39 Steps – the hit play from off Broadway and the West End; plus 
Alchemical Cabaret (Dangerboy & his lovely assistant Ivy team up with a cast of mythological creatures in this tale of transmutation, love and the soul).
Plus Romeo & Juliet in 10 minutes – 2 actors pull off the impossible and perform all of R&J in 10min! Free performances;
The local – A brand new dark comedy about brotherhood and loyalty, passion and revolution. In a pub;
Oh The Humanity! And Other Good Intentions – Eight people search for meaning. They won’t find it, but they still look;

The Greek Theatre Marrickville:
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock – Fear and doubt battle desire, and courage contests with regret to save a man from himself;
All But One – She died, he came home;
Beast – Four players in a derelict theatre, searching for redemption. Running from the beast. The beastly. The bestial. Themselves;
The Floating World – A poetic journey over a floating world;
A Personal War – Stories of the Mumbai Terror Attack – True personal monologues of survivors of the Mumbai terror attacks;
Level 7 – In the wake of the Tokyo disaster, 3 radiated survivors live in a special resort for the remainder of their days, serviced by a NASA-HONDA robot;

 ATYP, Walsh Bay:
Better Half – Taste three fairy tales that have been dragged into a city apartment. You are magic too.

At the Imperial Hotel:
Babylon to Bollywood -  Two new Australian musical comedies

Riverside Theatre Parramatta:
Putting it Together – Witty musical revue is a must-see for fans of musical theatre features over 30 of Stephen Sondheim’s best-loved songs (also at Supper Club, Darlinghurst)
Honky Tonk Angels – A one-woman tribute show to Loretta Lynn with the best songs in country music
The Pillow Book – The world in minature, our lives in seasons. One woman’s view of 1960′s Sydney. The Sydney Premiere

Supper Club Darlinghurst:
Anything Goes Cabaret  – A decadent evening of burlesque, cabaret, boylesque and drag inspired by Weimar Berlin; 
Putting it Together – A witty must-see for fans of musical theatre… features over 30 of Stephen Sondheim’s best-loved songs (also at Riverside Parramatta);
Memoirs of a Serial Dater – Camp celebrity wannabe Carl Maitland and his borderline emo flatmate;
Shakers Restirred – The hilarious view from the other side of the bar;

Slide Darlinghurst:
The Pink Supper Club – A derelict cabaret of love, hate, romance and revenge.
I’ll Break My Own Heart – Dark & delicious- a new cabaret that charts a universal journey into human vulnerability.

Midnight Shift, Darlinghurst:
Avoid – It’s Saturday night, and the city’s youth is converging on the city to get trashed. To forget. But there’s something that Jaydn can’t forget.

Vanguard, Newtown:
Lost L’amour – Singing, Stripping, Love, Loss, Laughter, Martinis and – of course – aUkulele

Newtown Theatre:
Come to the Cabaret!  – The Muses behind the scenes of Broadway. Come claim yours! Come to the Cabaret!
The Moving Picture Show – Enjoy Silent Cinema and and hits from the 1920s.  Get dressed up in your flapper gear and join in the fun;
Complicated Creatures – A multimedia cabaret about those characters living on the Fringe;
Bite Size – Six tasty short plays by Australian women exploring the theme “things aren’t as they seem”
Nice Work if You Can Get It – Acrobatic physical theatre centered in an office environment;
Mongrel – David is sick of being alone. David has a plan. And it’s a doozy;
The Day the Sky Turned Black – 5 characters tell their poignant stories of survival and begin the journey to rebuild their lives;
Tweatre – Live tweets from the audience are improvised, live!
The Dysfunctional Project – Swinging between the comic and tragic to uncover the vulnerabilities of masculinity.
Girls’ Backstage Choices – A complex spectrum of men’s personas; men are rarely simple creatures!

The New Theatre, Newtown:
Baby with the Bath Water – A black, absurdist comedy;
The New Deal – A satire about politics, self-justification and the price of power;
On My Death Day – An absurdist comedy with a surrealist touch dealing with issues of life and death, acceptance, letting go and hanging on, love and hate, tolerance and prejudice.
Porn – A man in a bedroom re-living sex, life, love and Star Trek;
Glass, Splinters and Cigarettes – A tale of 3 dysfunctional women who have it all on paper but below the surface rests a world of sins and secrets;
New Sheep – She thought her life was perfect. And then he raped her. They are 70 years old;
Confessions of a Grindr Addict – Felix can’t help but wonder, “What does one do on a date that doesn’t involve sex?”
Country Matters – Titties out, tummies in, I fucked your boyfriend FTW!

 The Hive Bar, Erskinville:
A Very Black Comedy Indeed – Two people with nothing but their absurdly absurd thoughts and the cockroaches
Tits Up! An unexpected intrusion upon the lives of 4 women on one day. A coffee fuelled, life-imploding day!

Notes, Newtown:
Beauty and the Beast – Two great voices, Maxine Kauter and James Edgar Francis, sing classic Disney songs.

Forum, Leichhardt:
Taking Chances -A light-hearted fusion cabaret about an Aussie boy and a Chinese girl brought together by chance.
Macbeth – It will have blood they say… blood will have blood
Concrete Moments – How do you answer that elusive question “where are you from?”
Aussies of the Magic Mic and Adobo Kind – A candid portrayal of what it means to be a Filipino-Australian.

PACT Theatre Erskinville:
Trendy – A performance art show with on-the-spot poetry, dance and dazzling vocals.
rLease – One house. One chance. One Seduction. One wild outcome. re:LEASE
The Art and Craft of Approaching Your Head of Department to Submit a Request for a Raise – A guide for beginners
Debris – A fractured look at an urban dystopia, imagined by two tormented and uniquely violent minds;
Gobbledygook – A woman’s voice echoes in the abyss;
Spinning a Yarn – The Plastic Bag Ladies of the Sea invite you to tea in their knitted garden of oceanic delights;

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