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Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Awards 2010 & 25th Anniversary Party

7 September 2009  Story & Photos: Bill Ranken, Additional comments: MiSociety

Bill Ranken photographer stars at Good Food Awards – see below
The Good Food Awards held their annual event at the Carriage Works in Redfern.  A huge night with anyone there who either cooks, writes about or enjoys good food… and the throng.

Great to see Bon Vivant Leo Schofield back on the food scene. Leo Presented the stayer award to food icons Beppi Pilese and wife Norma Zaccarie who have been running the famous Beppi’s Eatery for 53 years.

Peter Gilmore from the Quay won best restaurant and Mark Best for Marques the best Chef. A big shock was the loss of a hat by Claude’s which had been three hated for years.  Some of the notables I photographed include Tetsuya, Peter Gillmore, Mark Best, John and Betina Hemmes, Les Schirata from Vittoria Coffee and Leo Schofield to mention a few.  I left carting a number of goodies from the sponsor of the Awards, Vittoria Coffee. – Bill Ranken

Bill Rankin & Matt from Ch9 'Today' show

Bill Rankin & Matt from Ch9 'Today' show

Awards can be boring affairs but not this one with huge cheers emanating around  the cavenous ‘Carriageworks’ at Redfern at the announcements of the contenders and winners.   The Moet flowed, the nibbles (of course) were tasty and diverse, old friends caught up, new friends were made and it was a genuine  celebration of how far we have progressed in the culinary industry overr the last 25 years.  Congrats to all.

Our amazing Bill Ranken went about the task of taking photos of all the big foodie players (and he knows who everyone of them are of course and their entire gastronomical histories) in his usual style whilst he was being filmed by Channel 9′s Today show.  At last, Bill, probably  Sydney’s (and beyond) most well known and respected  photographers is having the tables turned on him and will himself be  the subject of a television story and his connection with MiSociety.

We are proud and privileged to not only publish Bill’s photographs and stories on MiSociety but to also be able to call him our friend.  Good on you Bill!

MiSociety will let you all know when the segment on the Today show will be going to air. 

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