Sydney POETRY – Live Poets @ Don Bank

September 13th, 2010


Live Poets @ Don Bank – Special Guest: Roberta Lowing

  • Wednesday, 22 September 2010, 7.30 pm
  • $7 entry includes a hot supper and drinks.

Live Poets @ Don Bank
6 Napier St North Sydney.

SPECIAL GUEST: Roberta Lowing reading from Ruin (Interactive Press) – her book of poetry about the war in Iraq. She will also discuss how it was made with the convenor.
Roberta is formerly the convenor of the Poetry Plus readings in Glebe and edited the anthology of writings that resulted. She also worked for Greenpeace while she was finishing University. This year she decided to devote herself to writing with the release of 2 books: Ruin in May (it was featured at the Sydney Writers Festival) and a thriller novel from Allen and Unwin in October.
Ruin has been lauded by David Brooks – Sydney poet and academic with the Uni of Sydney –  who says Lowing’s use of 4 different voices (viewpoints) from the Iraq war produces a heady mix of poetry and documentary – genuinely a new form of approach (in literature) to melding individual consciousness in the experience of current events.

As always at Live Poets @ Don Bank there is an Open Section where anyone is welcome to recite, sing, tell a story or play an instrument. This month people are encouraged to read Poetry of the First Peoples – a series of traditional sagas in verse from places as diverse as Polynesia and the Arctic and people as various as the Norse, the Yoruba (Africa) the American Indian and the Australian aborigine.

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