Sydney POETRY – Live Poets @ Don Bank

May 15th, 2010


Live Poets @ Don Bank – Jess Cook + Fadeel Khayat – special guests

  • Wednesday 26 May – doors open 7.30 pm.
  •  $7 entry includes supper and drinks

Don Bank House (historical house)
6 Napier St North Sydney
Live Poets SPECIAL GUESTS: Performance poet JESS COOK (further info below) who will present her recent work and talk about her role in Token Imagination Collective and FADEEL KHAYAT – Iraqi born poet, translator and freelance journalist who will recite his poems and discuss his documentation of the return of the Marsh Arabs to their homelands in southern Iraq.
As usual there is an Open Section where anyone is welcome to recite, sing, tell a story or play an instrument.
Doors open 7.30 pm. $7 entry includes supper and drinks.
Further info: Danny Gardner (Convenor) (02) 9896 6956 Mobile 0422 263 373 or at
The Live Poets at the historical Don Bank house is a must for anyone into poetry, free speech and a nice bunch of people.  For $7 anyone can come along.  Includes home made food and wine. – MiSociety

More information on Jess Cook
Jess Cook is a 26-year-old Sydney artist who has been passionately engaging with the creative arts for the last 7 years.  Sparked by her inolvement with an innovative team of creatives that would later become 107 Projects. In this time she has worked in a variety of roles including: event manager, art director, poet, performer, concept designer, fundraiser, art activist, vocalist and curator. From venues, online, publications to festivals and street installations, her collaborations create fun and accessible situations that blur the boundaries between art forms, audience and performer.

In 2006 she released an album of poetry and beats with fellow Sydney sider Monkfly. Out of Town on a Horse Called Thursday received airplay on local and national radio in Australia as well as the UK and Berlin. As the cheecky mc Cooknktich she and Monkfly recieved a grant to tour the album around the east coast of australia and 3 European Cities with a one month residency at the trendy Cafe 1001 in Brink Lane London. As a vocalist she is written and recorded work for other releases from Pop and Rocknroll to down beat electronic music. In 2008 she was published in the anthology Lines of Wisdom, published by Affirm Press.

She is the director and co-founder of Token Imagination, a dynamic collection of artists with the passion and nous to conceive, develop and producer unique events and installations. Fuelled by the power of collaboration and community she is always seeking new ways to engage. These include: MEnU – Anode Festival 2009, Light Works – Art and About (2009), Augur – Creative Sydney (2009), The Wishing Forest; Sydney Childrens Festival (2009), Pulptry Smart Arts Youth Festival & The Peats Ridge Festival (2009) Elephant – Underbelly Public Arts Festival (2008).

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