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Sydney Theatre: How to Lose Sight – Interaction Event

November 30, 2011toDecember 10, 2011



In an ordinary house in the centre of Sydney, the world is not as you see it… How to Lose Sight created by Michal Imielski. Read the review of “How to Lose Sight” by Julia Franzen for MiSociety.

  • 30 November – 10 December 2011


Michal Imielskis “How to Lose Sight” creates a unique interactive theater experience that reconstructs the term “Love is blind” in various ways.
The play tells three different stories that deal with experiencing love as a blind person. Taking place in a real house in Parramatta and being inspired by actual stories of blind Australians, the audience is shown a high degree of authenticity that works amazingly well together with the abstract ground the play is built on.
“How to Lose Sight” often shows just a little part of what it actually delivers to the audience and makes the viewers construct the rest of the image. They see what the blind characters see and are accordingly refused many visual impressions getting much more of the story by the intensive description of different sensual impressions that are transmitted in the narration. The audience is divided into three groups each starting in different rooms and thus do not experience the play in the same order as the other groups.   Adding to this is that just a very small number of people see the separate scenes at the same time makes it even more intensive.

Remarkable is how I would describe the actors’ performances as most parts of “How to Lose Sight” are played with closed eyes and include, for example, wild dance scenes that are done so confidently that they display the secureness the actors have achieved with their role as a blind person who knows exactly how to act in their environment without the help of eyesight but with an intensive use of their other senses.

“How to Lose Sight” will only be performed until the end of this week so be quick to get a ticket. It is an extraordinary experience you should not miss.

Julia Franzen for MiSociety


Inspired by true stories of Australians who are vision impaired, SHH invites you to be a fly on the wall and to ponder blind reality – life and living and love- in a world driven by visual cultures and ever developing technology.

How to Lose Sight is an exciting new site-specific work created by some of Sydney’s most innovative artists as they ask the question ‘What would the world be like if we were all blind?’  Through dark and cheeky humour – and inspired by true stories of blind Australians – the show provokes questions about the loss of sight and living without sight.  It takes place in three rooms in an actual house in Parramatta and the audience is divided into three groups to experience each in turn.

In each room the audience is invited to experience how an individual who is born blind constructs reality in a world driven with visual stimulus.

How To Lose Sight is written and directed by Michal Imielski, co-devised and performed by Barton Williams, Cloe Fournier, Julia Landrey, Odile Leclezio, Gideon Payten-Griffiths, Peter Maple, Pollyanna Nowicki and Shauntelle Benjamin, design by Lucy Wong, movement by Cloe Fournier, with original music by Michal Imielski.

Wednesday – Friday 7:30pm, Saturday 2pm & 7:30pm
Audience meets at Riverside Theatre’s foyer
Cnr Church & Market Streets, Parramatta 
then takes a short walk to destination.
Tickets $20 /$15 conc  (transaction fee applies)
Bookings: www.riversideparramatta.com.au or  02 8839 3399


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