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July 16th, 2010


BOOK NOW for Burlesque  in Sydney at its best with Mimi Munroe.  
Want something different to do in Sydney then  take a Walk on the Wild Side at Primal Elegance – an evening of unabashed indulgence at Lush N Loud, an art gallery with a twist. 

  • Sat 31 July 2010 at 7.00 pm
  • $55 includes drinks, delightful delicacies and delicious entertainment
Lush N Load - Primal Elegance Lush N Loud Primal Elegance Lush N Loud Primal Elegance Lush N Loud Primal Elegance Lush n Loud Primal Elegance

Looking for something different to do in Sydney then how about burlesque, fabulous jewellery, drinks, food and a night to remember .. take a Walk on the Wild Side with Primal Elegance at Lush N Loud.

  • PRIMAL ELEGANCE – Jewellery exhibition – Exclusive Jewellery and accessories by Depazzi – distinctly indigenous to Australia
  • BURLESQUE performance by Miss Mimi Monroe – one of Australia’s foremost Burlesque performers
  • LUSH N LOUD – an art gallery like no other

Burlesque perormer Miss Mimi Monroe
To spice up the night we have a fabulous floor show by one of Australia’s foremost Burlesque performers, Miss Mimi Monroe.

Burlesque is an ART; live entertainment that comprises pastiche, parody, wit and dare I say (strip)tease which, like its cousin, “commedia dell’arte”, turns social norms head over heels as satire takes on a saucy edge.

Burlesque performer, Mimi Monroe, with her dazzling costumes has mesmerized audiences throughout Australia,   Mimi’s exciting, sensual performances and her penchant for the cheeky flare of traditional burlesque routines exude passion, finesse and versatility.  From the demure debutante to the quintessential femme fatale, her performances are rich in colour, glamour and pageant, and never fail to enchant and delight.

This is burlesque at its best!!  So for those of you who have not yet had the pleasure you can be assured of an evening to remember.

About Depazzi Jewellery
DEPAZZI captures the very essence of Australia with natures own works of art.  A collection of signature pieces that combine the primordial beauty of crocodile leather, the unique texture of stingray, with South Sea Pearls, Coral, Turquoise, Precious Metals and Boulder Opal; the result is potent and empowering.   From the prestigious House of DEPAZZI an exclusive line of jewellery and accessories not just for the ladies but also the gents; PRIMAL ELEGANCE –  it’s the ultimate indulgence.

DEPAZZI is renowned for its unique and sophisticated creations that are inspired by and feature riches from the great Australian landscape.  From the dramatic to the sensual the range includes chokers, leather bracelets and belts, bold opal pendants, cufflinks and colourful necklaces. 

So whether you choose to dress up or go “au naturale” DEPAZZI ensures the result is nothing short of spectacular!!  Dare to be Wild.

Lush N Loud Art Gallery
1/3 Victoria Rd,
Parramatta nSw 2150
P 9890 7277 | m 0418 418 631

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