Sydney Whisky Master Class Tastings

August 25th, 2010

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Whisky World – For two nights the Oak Barrel will transform into a haven for lovers of whisky – Premium Whisky Tastings

  • Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th August 2010
  • 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Platinum: $70 or $60 for members, includes: 2 Master Classes, entry to the exhibition area over 2 nights.
Gold: $50 or $40 for members, includes: 1 Master Class, entry to the exhibition area for 1 night.
Silver: $20 includes: entry to the exhibition area for 1 night.
Location: Oak Barrel, Tasting Room

The Oak Barrel
152 Elizabeth Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9264 3022   Email:

The Master Classes are as follows:

Wednesday 25th August @ 6pm – Bakery Hill (Australian Distillery)
Join us for this master class as we explore award wining whiskies from Victoria.

As with all classic single malt whiskies, Bakery Hill Distillery use only malted barley, yeast and water to ensure the true classic flavour and aroma of real single malt whisky. Unlike many other malt whiskies, no caramel is added to improve the appearance. They believe the addition of caramel dulls and mutes the exceptionally fine flavour and nose of their malts.

Awards they have won include: Best Small Distiller of the Year (Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible), Trophy for Best Australian Single Malt (Malt Whisky Society of Australia), Gold Medal for Cask Strength Peated Malt (Malt Whisky Competition, Malt Whisky Society of Australia).

On tasting:
Bakery Hill Cask Strength Peated Malt
Bakery Hill Cask Strength Classic Single Malt
Bakery Hill Classic Single Malt
Bakery Hill Peated Malt
Bakery Hill Double Wood Malt

Owner and distiller David Baker, a former food scientist, began distilling whisky in 1999. “I was constantly confronted with coffee table book after coffee table book telling me that the only place in the world that could make single malt whisky was Scotland because of the…and the…etc.” complains Baker.  “I thought, if you understand the process at the molecular level then it should be possible to transfer it from location to location. What a challenge!”

Wednesday 25th August @ 7.30pm – Isle of Jura
One Island, One Shop, One Pub, One Distillery, One Fine Single Malt Whisky

The “genuine” Super Premium Single Malt Scotch Whisky from the Island of JURA.

On an island just 7 miles wide and 30 miles long, there is but one road, one hotel and one distillery. 2010 is a particularly special year for the Isle of Jura Distillery as they celebrate their 200th anniversary.

This a rare opportunity to not only sample the Classic Malts but the Jura “Boutique Barrels”. 

We are the only retail store in NSW which has this boutique range and what’s more impressive is you get to sample them.

On Tasting:
JURA Prophecy
JURA Superstition
JURA  16yo
JURA  10yo
Plus “The Boutique Barrel Range”
Cloud Nine -Jura – XU Bourbon 10 Years Old (No chill filtration.)
Exquisite Seduction  -Jura JI Sherry 16 Year Old (No chill filtration.)
Sherried Masterpiece – Jura JO Bourbon 14 Years Old (No chill filtration.)

Thursday 26th August @ 6pm – Lime Burners (Western Australia)
Limeburners Whisky is made by Great Southern Distilling Company located on the Picturesque, Princess Royal Harbour, on King George Sound in Albany, Western Australia.

 Cameron Syme (Presenter on the night) will be showing 4 Whiskies and a Whisky  Liqueur from his stable of fine International Award Winning Whiskies;
Limeburners – Oak Barrels M17,23,35,37 & Whisky Liqueur.
 Malt 17 43% abv –  matured in a Great Southern Distilling Company Pinot Noir Brandy barrel and finished in a 200L  
Malt 23 61% abv – matured in a Great Southern Distilling Company Shiraz Brandy barrel and finished in a small 100L  
Malt 35 43% abv – matured in a 100 L Ex Jack Daniels American Oak Bourbon Barrel. Medium Dark Colour. Showing toffee, pear and nutmeg. Simply fantastic. Limited Release.
Malt 37 61% abv – matured in an ex  Bourbon Whiskey 100 L American Oak Cask. Dark Colour. Caramel, Apricot and Coconut characters.
Whisky Liqueur 30% abv – Smooth Rich Blend of Limeburners Single Malt Whisky married with local Karri Honey and infused with exotic spices to promote good health.

Thursday 26th August @ 7.30pm – Campbeltown (Scotland) and a Cognac!   

Springbank Distillery is unique. It is the oldest independent family owned distillery in Scotland. Founded in 1828 on the site of Archibald Mitchell’s illicit still, the Springbank Distillery is now in the hands of his great great great grand son, Hedley G. Wright.

Springbank Distillery produces the most hand made whisky in Scotland, with traditional production methods being used throughout the process, and human involvement at each and every stage.

It is the only distillery in Scotland to have never chill-filtered, nor do they add any artificial colourings to any of their single malts.

On tasting:
Campbeltown Loch 30yo
Hazelburn 8yo
Kilkerran WIP
Cadenheads Pierre Croizet XO Cognac
Springbank Claret
Longrow Gaja Barolo

 A whisky exhibition will take place between 6pm – 8.30pm each night where guests will get to try a variety of whiskies from Australia and the rest of the world. Four Master Classes will be hosted over the two nights each with a unique focus.

Whiskies in The Cave Exhibition:
Glenmorangie Original
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban
Glenmorangie Nectar D’orBowmore 12YO inc
Bowmore 18YO        
Yamazaki 12YO           
Talisker 10YO 700ml
Talisker 18YO 700ml
Talisker 57YO North 700ml
Talisker Distillers 700ml12yo Malt from Islay
Royal Deluxe Blend
Sheep Dip Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Pigs Nose Scotch Whisky
Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey
Deanston 12yo Single Malt Whisky
Tobermory 15yo Isle of Mull Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Bunnahabhain 12yo Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Shane Kalloglian started collecting whisky back in 1992 and developed strong relationships with several distilleries over the years.  In 2005 he won a charity auction to go to Springbank and bottle 12 bottles of his own selected whisky.  From there he was asked if he would take on the brand in Australia and today he’s now the importer and distributor for the Springbank and Cadenheads brands.  A serious player on the global field, he trades bottles with collectors worldwide and provides advice on the value of collectable bottlings.  On the home front, he’s had a hand in organising many whisk(e)y tastings over the years.  His favourite distilleries are Springbank, Macallan and Ardbeg.

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