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Sydney WRITERS’ FESTIVAL 2010 – what’s on

May 15, 2010toMay 23, 2010

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2010 brings together a huge line-up o  local and international writers.  Something for everyone including the kids.

  • 15-23 May 2010 

What’s on around Sydney for the Sydney Writers’ Festival in 2010 
The 2010 Sydney Writers’ Festival  welcomes both local and  international writers.  

This year brings you a galaxy of writers who will excite, inspire, inform and, perhaps, even enrage you.  Many of these writers are well known names, others you will be meeting for the first time. All of them have important things to say.

Sydney Writers’ Festival Highlights

Sydney Writers’ Festival 2010 Opening Night: Iran, A New Beginning
Event 13
Tuesday, May 18, 6.30-8pm | Sydney Theatre at Walsh Bay
On the eve of the first anniversary of Iran’s stolen elections, Reza Aslan, one of the United States’ most prominent commentators on Iranian politics, the war on terror and Islam, bears witness to a civilisation in the process of electrifying political change.

 Nine Lives: An Evening of South Asian Devotional Music and Spiritual Transformation
Event 22
Wednesday, May 19, 8-10pm | Sydney Opera House, Concert Hall
William Dalrymple weaves the story of his latest book Nine Lives through a rich variety of South Asian devotional music and spiritual transformation. Featuring Tamil vocal artist Susheela Raman, recording artist Paban Das Baul, the Shah Jo Rag Fakirs and Theyyam dancer Hari Das (pictured).
   An Evening with John Ralston Saul
Event 68
Thursday, May 20, 6-7pm | Sydney Town Hall

John Ralston Saul has long been a critic of globalism, even before the GFC, but now in a new edition of his classic work, The Collapse of Globalism, he warns that serious re-thinking of our financial system is needed if we want to avoid further meltdowns.

   Eat, Pray, Love … Wed? Elizabeth Gilbert Commits
Event 71
Thursday, May 20, 8-9.30pm | Sydney Opera House Concert Hall

With seven million copies of Eat, Pray, Love in print, Elizabeth Gilbert has struck a chord worldwide. She speaks about that journey and her latest book Committed: A Sceptic Makes Peace with Marriage, followed by a conversation with Festival artistic director Chip Rolley. 

   David Wessel, Meet Paul Keating
Event 117
Friday, May 21, 4-5pm | City Recital Hall
The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal and author of In FED We Trust, David Wessel, speaks to the former prime minister, treasurer and architect of Australia’s economic resilience, Paul Keating. The world’s problems might actually get solved in this meeting of dazzling minds.

   PEN Gives Voice Hosted by John Ralston Saul
Event 130
Friday, May 21, 6-7pm | City Recital Hall

An all-star reading of detained writers’ work, hosted by John Ralston Saul and featuring Colm Tóibín, Eric Lax, Yiyun Li (pictured), Thomas Keneally, Frank Moorhouse, Larissa Behrendt and Peter Carey. Presented with Sydney PEN and International PEN.

   Have We All Been Conned?: An Emergency Town Meeting
Event 132
Friday, May 21, 6-7.30pm | Sydney Town Hall

Or are we still on our way to climatic catastrophe? Bill McKibben (Eaarth) was the first person to write a general interest book about global warming. Clive Hamilton’s latest book is Requiem for a Species and Ross Garnaut conducted the Rudd Government’s Garnaut Climate Change Review. They discuss the politics and science of climate change and how the world can save itself post-Copenhagen, with participating chair Tim Flannery (pictured).

   An Evening with Colm Tóibín
Event 137
Friday, May 21, 8-9pm | City Recital Hall
The great Irish writer, author of many beautiful works including The Master for which he won the 2004 IMPAC prize and, most recently, Brooklyn, is in conversation with Caroline Baum in this very special event.

   We Need To Talk About America
Event 189
Saturday, May 22, 5.30-7pm | Sydney Town Hall

Healthcare has been reformed (somewhat), but the United States’ economy is still fragile, the country is embroiled in two wars, and has decided that climate change is just too hard. Why is the “world’s greatest democracy” struggling to lead? American writers Lionel Shriver (pictured), Reza Aslan, Raj Patel, Josh Neufeld and Michael Otterman tell Anne Summers about the state of their union. Presented with Writing, Dept of MMCS, Macquarie University.

   Christopher Hitchens
Event 195
Saturday, May 22, 8-9.30pm | Sydney Town Hall

Last time he was here he talked about God. Now, he talks about Hitch. On the publication of his autobiography, Hitch 22, Sydney Writers’ Festival presents journalist, philosopher and raconteur, Christopher Hitchens.

   Closing Address: Peter Carey
Event 250
Sunday, May 23, 6-7pm | Sydney Theatre at Walsh Bay

One of our most awarded and internationally acclaimed authors, Peter Carey delivers the Sydney Writers’ Festival closing address. Presented by The Sydney Morning Herald

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