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Tape Melbourne – Australian Premiere of Interactive Art Build

September 4, 2011


Tape Melbourne by Viennese/Croatian design collective Numen/For Use – wonderous spider web of packing tape.

  • 4 September 2011 (construction begins – maximum three week run)
  • Western Terrace, Federation Square, Corner Swanston + Flinders Streets, Melbourne
  • FREE

Tape Melbourne is reminiscent of a giant spider weaving a wondrous web or a monumental silk worm at work, the tendons of a two metre high weblike structure made entirely of packing tape will extend over Fed Square, when revolutionary Viennese/ Croatian design mavens Numen/For Use construct their large-scale, site specific installation, Tape Melbourne.

Tape Melbourne begins on 4 September with the public invited to witness the artists constructing their tape creation, which may take up to a week to build.  Once complete, visitors will be able to admire and potentially explore the interior of the walk-in installation in a series of supervised sessions.

Appearing to grow from the external wall of the SBS building, the temporary work is an exciting hybrid of art and design, which has been specially commissioned by Fed Square.  Working with regular packing tape and a self extinguishing tape, multiple layers of the transparent adhesive will be stretched between the building and a construction, with the continuous wrapping of tendons resulting in a complex, fluid surface akin to a growing, organic form that will envelop the Western Terrace in a spectacular display.

As the first work of Numen/For Use to be shown in the Southern Hemisphere, Tape Melbourne will be a completely original aesthetic. Similar iterations of the installation have been shown in Europe to critical success including Vienna Design Week (2009), centre stage at DMY 2010 Berlin’s International Design Festival where the work was one of three awarded projects, Mikser Design Expo Belgrade (2010) as well prominent German gallery, Schirn Kunsthalle. 

The statistics for Tape Melbourne will be unknown until the build has been completed but as a guide, the installation in Berlin was executed within four days taking approximately 160 working hours and utilising almost 700 conventional transparent tape rolls equating to 45km of tape. That sounds like a lot of tape, but when you consider that Scotch Tape produce approximately 8.9 million kilometres of tape each year, or 1038 kilometres of tape an hour, it’s equivalent to that used in a mid-sized office.


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