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The Mitchell Library Sydney turns 100 Celebration Party

 9 March 2010    Story and Photos:  MiSociety

The Mitchell Library 100th Birthday Party and Launch of the ’100′ Exhibition
The Mitchell Library is a major page within the NSW State Library and this week the grand old lady turned 100 years old.  This significant occasion to celebrate both this and the opening of the ’100′ Exhibition at the library, dignitaries and guests were treated to a party in one of the most impressive spaces in town. 

Dwarfed under the Mitchell’s massive high ceiling and the expansive walls lined with thousands of books we spent some time gazing around a room that just oozed history and learning.  Having visited many great houses of literary learning around the world we can attest that the Mitchell Library can stand proud amongst the best.

Benefactor David Scott Mitchell, gave his massive book collection to the people of NSW a century ago – an act still described today as ”Australia’s greatest cultural bequest” giving birth to his namesake library.

The speeches were held under a massive paper machete ‘100’ sculpture and followed up with an enthusiastic ‘charge your glasses’ ‘happy birthday Mitchell’ from the podium by Ralph Thomas, President of the Library Association, The Hon. Virginia Judge M.P., Prof. Maree Bashir, Gov. of NSW, Regina Sutton, NSW State Library Chief Executive and Indigenous Elder, Michael West.

With today’s quick access to the knowledge of the world through a keyboard it’s interesting to note that library usage is still on the uptake.  The fact is libraries will always be the places were literary and historical documents can be viewed in their physical forms.

The State Library holds many events each year that many may not be aware of.  They include talks on literary, historical and contemporary issues, movies, workshops and courses as well as presentations about, and showings of, the Library’s rich collections.

So do take yourselves along to the library to view the free ‘100’ exhibition and have a stroll around – but beware – allow plenty of time as once there – you will be engrossed.

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