The Outdoor Room magazine with Jamie Durie launch party

September 27th, 2010

22 September 2010    Photos and story: MiSociety   

How to turn your out the back nightmare  into an Aussie Outdoor Room
Jamie Durie has become synonymous with the great Australian dream of the perfect outdoor entertaining area so not surprising that the Tilbury Hotel was bedecked in all things flora and outdoorsey (including the staff) for the launch of The Outdoor Room.

The Outdoor Room is the latest magazine to inform and excite us all about an area of our homes that in years past was referred to as ‘the yard’, ‘the garden’ or simply ‘out the back’.

Jamie Durie, bless his cute little garden spade, is the face of The Outdoor Room and he well and truly is – few pages of this new outdoor space bible escape his smiling, typical Aussie bloke, moniker. 

Gotta give it to our Jamie who has become not only the ‘face’ of  ‘how to host a perfect barbie’ but who will also feature on the upcoming ‘Oprah House’ shindig.  On this night he was in good form being the perfect host by making his way around to chat with everyone becoming more and more ‘relaxed’ as the evening wore on.

Wasn’t easy to mow your way around the crowd here made up of members of The Outdoor Room team, sponsors, contributors and friends.

The Outdoor Room will be published quarterly and have to say the first issue is well worth the asking price in Australia of $7.95.  Only doubts I have is that for my quarter acre block to remotely resemble anything in this magazine there would be very little time left over for entertaining (or much else) – hmm wonder what Jamie’s doing next weekend?

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