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The Short+Sweet Sydney 2012 Gala Awards Finals 2012

March 27, 2012toMarch 31, 2012


The Short+Sweet Sydney 2012 Gala Awards Finals take place this weekend at the Seymour Centre York Theatre.

Friday 30 March 2012, 7.30pm – Judges’ Night
Saturday 31 March 2012, 7.30pm – Awards
Tickets $40/$35

The finalists are:

From a Great Height
Mark Konik’s wonderful first date comedy stars Glen Waterhouse and Jo Ford, directed by Keane Williams. “A date with the girl of your dreams should be amazing… if you don’t talk yourself out of it before it begins!”

Jane Austen Made Me Do It
Writer-director Deborah Mulhall’s brilliant parody romantic comedy sees Olivia Gailiunas and Vincent Andriano as a couple bound to court each other in a genre she loves and he must master to win her! With a score by John Garden.

Something to be Done
Gabriel McCarthy’s tour-de-force of physical theatre – a funny and moving existential struggle for inspiration… directed by Sepy Baghaei.

Driving the Holden
Written by Gerry Greenland and directed by Allan Walpole pits Peter Carmody as a cantankerous pensioner stuck with an apparently deadbeat kid (Harley Connor) on a community service order to help him. But they discover an amazing connection… and hatch a plan to escape!

Bleeding Out
By Martin Estridge stars Matthew Backer and Bree Alan, directed by Dan Dunlop. A couple confront their relationship problems in a very different way. So much to learn. So much blood to be lost…

The Pond
Written and directed by Con Nats stars Salvatore Coco, Clarence White and Roanna Dempsey as a young couple hoping for a baby… but there is something wrong. Is the pond the answer??

The Scene He Threw Out in the End
US writer’s Christopher Morse’s madcap English drawing room farce, starring Gerard Carroll, Di Adams and Katie Fitchett, directed by Jamie Oxenbould. Few words are spoken, but smouldering passions are about to rise to the surface!

Joanne’s Real World
A musical solo journey staring all-Melbourne team of Taylor Klas, accompanied by Melissa Hann with co-creators Cerise deGelder, Jamie Burgess, Harry Paternoster and Emma McGeorge. A rhapsody of blues and raving about dole bludgers and dreamers…

Save Me
By Joan Broadman (USA) is directed by Grace Kelly and stars Neil Modra and Hendrik Elstein in a chilling drama where a reckless driver severely injured in a car crash bargains for his life… but is he worth saving? Wildcards final winner

I Thought I Liked Girls
By Nicole Pandolfo (US) stars Anna Hruby, Ric Herbert and Hazel Savolainen, directed by Terry Meller. “Lucy has big news for her parents…”

So, Where Is It?
Written and directed by Simon Denver (QLD) stars Sam Coward and Brett Klease as well as the writer himself. All the cast and crew are from Queensland – this is a production of Suncoast Repertory Theatre Inc. “One man knows where it is. One man wants to know where it is. One man doesn’t care where it is. The world has fundamentally changed since 9 / 11 – but how far can we go, how far should we go to find out where it is!”
This piece won Short+Sweet Brisbane 2011 and won its way through the heats in Sydney. Legend has it the play was written on the plane to Brisbane and rehearsed in two days!

The Whiskey Bar
writer and director: Robert den Engelsman with Andrew Bollom.
Cast includes Benjamin Vickers , Lauren McDougal, Lyndell Arthur , Jolene Mifsud, Luke Holland, Murray Lambert, Nicholas O’Regan, Scott Parker. Band: Simon Williams, Justin Jolly-Adams, Angela Fehlner, Percival Reddy Assistant Director: Faith Treacy Matriark Art Theatre Top 100 Week Five People’s Choice Runner-Up If John Wayne and Bertolt Brecht had a love child it would be The Whiskey Bar. This Western Musical, set in a steamy saloon orchestrated by ‘The Puppeteer’. The tumble weed of 2012 and People’s Choice winner!
Seymour Centre York Theatre, Cnr Cleveland St & City Rd, Redfern
Bookings www.seymourcentre.com or call 9351 7940


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