The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia at Museum Victoria

November 16th, 2011



The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia at Museum Victoria – an exhibition focusing on three of the great centres of ancient civilisation: Sumer, Assyria and Babylon.

  • 4 May – 7 October 2012

The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia exhibition will explore an era of extraordinary invention and innovation, the impact of which is still shaping our lives thousands of years later. It will feature over 170 artefacts from the world famous Middle East collection of The British Museum. From massive carved stone reliefs depicting scenes of battles and hunting to stunning gold jewellery.

“Mesopotamia played an extraordinary role in the development of human civilisation. The art and literature, reliefs and ritual objects recovered from the region provide a remarkable record of how great knowledge has been passed from the ancient to the modern world” said Dr Patrick Greene, CEO, Museum Victoria.

Where: Melbourne Museum
Cost: Adults $24, Concessions $16, Children $14 (includes entry to Melbourne Museum).
Tickets on sale from 5 December 2011

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