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Theatre – What’s on in Sydney Live Theatre January-March 2011

January 1, 2011toMarch 31, 2011

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  • Various Theatres and Venues 1 – 31 January
  • Theatre, Short Theatre, Theatresports, Short+Sweet Theatre, book launches.
  • Sydney’s vibrant live theatre scene continues with a bunch of great shows and events thoroughout and beyond the silly season!

    2-29 January 2011 – “For A Better World” at SBW Stables Theatre
    A provocative mash-up of Predator, Alien and Apocalypse Now, infused with the amoral war-as-entertainment swagger of gaming culture, For A Better World is a prize-winning play by one of Germany’s hottest playwrights, Roland Schimmelpfennig.
    More info: www.griffintheatre.com.au
    14 January – 19 February 2011 – The Fantasticks – Genesian Theatre
    The Genesian Theatre is proud to present the longest running musical in history The Fantasticks. Hugely funny with some of the most delightful music written for the stage this is your chance to see the show that has become, quite simply, a legend.
    5 January – 12 March 2011 – Short+Sweet – Newtown Theatre & NIDA Parade Playhouse
    Short+Sweet Theatre is the biggest festival of ten minute theatre in the world!  Each year Short+Sweet Theatre presents over 300 of the best ten minute plays from local and international writers in our festivals worldwide, utilizing the talents of the best young and established directors, actors and technical personnel to create some of the best theatre on the planet.
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    5th March – 16th April 2011 – Private Lives - Genesian Theatre
    Private Lives is one of Noel Coward’s greatest works and is the perfect comedy for today. Written in 1930 at the height of his powers, Coward took just four days whilst convalescing in Kowloon to pen this classic tale of love’s impetuous folly. Originally Coward himself played Elyot whilst his old friend Gertrude Lawrence played his foe Amanda. The original production also included Lawrence Olivier as the new husband Victor. Elyot and Amanda, a recently divorced couple, find themselves in adjoining rooms on their honeymoon with their new partners. They find they cannot live without each other but maybe worse of all, they can’t live with each other. Will they sacrifice everything for love or will they remain faithful to their new vows and partners?


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