Theatre in Sydney: Short+Sweet 2012 – Week One

December 22nd, 2011



Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2012 will present 180 works from January to March – starting at the King Street Theatre (formerly Newtown Theatre).

  • From Wednesday 4 January 2012

The festival, which features independent judges as well as audience voting (and an all-new People’s Choice Showcase week), climaxes at the Gala Finals on 30 and 31 March.

Week One highlights running Wed to Sun include Ill Met by Moonlight by Jodi McAlister and directed by Luke Berman; Baccalaureate Mnuemonic by Frank Leggett with Helen Perris directing; and The V-Word written and directed by David Bulmer;  the latter two both recent winners of Best Play awards at the festival. Well-known Australian playwright Ron Elisha’s Crime Scene will also feature in the opening week, directed by Central Coast theatre luminary Rose Cooper.

Ron Elisha’s Crime Scene stars Central Coast actors Damian Fitzpatrick and Daniella Hoffman. “Norman is excited about his first day in a brand new job – he wants to make a good impression. The trouble is, his wife doesn’t ‘do’ impressions…”  Ron Elisha (Two, Einstein, In Duty Bound, The Goldberg Variations)  is one of Australia’s best known playwrights (and children’s authors) with hundreds of productions of his plays to his name in Australia and internationally. Director Rose Cooper is a veteran of Short+Sweet – mostly as writer or actor. This is her first year directing another playwright’s work.

Train Reaction by Queensland writer Danelle Dobinson sees three strangers brought together by tragic chance. “A young man with all the time in the world; a woman saving others every day who can’t save herself; and a man on the cusp of living the dream…All it took was one train and one wrong turn.” Karen Bayly directs Jade Yeong, Rhys McMahon and Darren Pinks – who was born at Stratford-upon-Avon!

Baccalaureate Mnemonic by Frank Leggett (whose play Mr and Mrs Metcalfe Enjoy the Music of Elton John won Best Play Short+Sweet in 2010) brings together Deb and Michael at their 15-year school reunion. “They rekindle a spark from their unrequited romance… but there’s something that stands in their way…”  Helen Perris directs Clare Martin and Daniel Placido.

In the weekend Wildcard section, Anika Herbert’s The Black Velvet Glove is a farce with plenty of hilarious twists.
“When a writer is confronted in his apartment by the rogue characters he has created, his story is challenged by the suave hero and his sexy femme fatale partner-in-crime. How will he save himself?”  Directed by Lyndall Johnston with Sebastian Wang, Rachel Oliver, Nathan Bowen and Lauren Crowe.

The full week one program is below and the season’s complete schedule of works for Short+Sweet Theatre Sydney 2012 and online booking is available at

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