Theatre – Picture Perfect at The Riverside

January 28th, 2011


Featuring Trish Wood, Kathy Cogill and Vittoria Lasorella with Alysha Firbank, Olivia Fyfe, Kate Herron and Rebecca Frasca.

  • 16-19 February 2011
  • Riverside Parramatta

Picture Perfect tells the voyeuristic story of one girl’s unhealthy obsession with body image. We follow her on her quest for her ideal ‘physical perfection’ which leads her to an addiction to plastic surgery. Her close friend, keen to steer her away from her ongoing struggles and pain, witnesses her friend’s addition build as she relentlessly submits herself to the surgeon’s knife. Delirious with anaesthetic, the girl experiences a wild and vividly kooky dream in which a sadistic, over-the-top doctor entices her further to achieve her ‘ideal body’- the `perfection’ she has been striving for. The comic and tragic results of her overdone synthetic enhancements are revealed as her dream turns to a nightmare! As the delusion ends… so too does the obsession to obtain artificial beauty.
Tickets $28 / $25 conc
Bookings 8839 3399 or

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