THEATRE – Short+Sweet: 1000th new Australian play to be announced

February 5th, 2010


  • Opening Tuesday 9 February 2010 at NIDA.
At this historic opening night at NIDA, Short+Sweet will name the 1000th new Australian play produced by the festival! Its playwright will be honoured and the milestone – an extraordinary one in the context of the Arts in this country – will be suitably celebrated!  All will be revealed on the night!
Meanwhile, leading the way in the Top 100 program at the Parade Playhouse from Tuesday to Saturday is Mamdouh Habib starring in an autobiographical piece (co-written with Kuranda Seyit) about his time in Guantanamo Bay. It features Melinda Nassif as his wife Maha and Julian Brophy as the Australian interrogator.
Superfossils written and directed by Elizabeth Pulsford visits a retirement village for superheroes where the residents plan a daring ‘escape’.  It stars Jamie Timony, Madeline Dyer, Burgess Abernethy, Vittoria Rex Fadden, Hari Jago and Pulsford herself.
Russell Crowe, Gupta and the Dalek by Jackie Greenland and directed by Christine Greenough follows Australia’s tough-guy actor on a taxi-ride from hell. With Heath Wilder, Valentino Arico and Carlos Sivalingam.
Gunfight at the Venus by Kings Cross historian Stephen Carnell, directed by Michael Bock recreates a 1970 fight in a notorious Kings Cross brothel. Stars Anthony Hunt, Josephyne Oliveri, Brendan Wynter & Marissa Wynne.
Hibiscus Memories by Lismore writer Bette Guy, directed by Meg Rowe stars Joan Rodd, Hugo Grisco, Amanda Lieber, Jack Gow and Cameron Ellis. “Hibiscus leaves saved Rosa’s husband in a Japanese POW camp. Now her son wants to chop down their hibiscus hedge. How can Rose beat him at his own game?”
Margaret Bowen’s Normal – directed by Liane Norman – is an absurdist comedy about love, family… and a blow up doll. It stars Steven McGrath, Brooke Doherty, Brennan Muhoberac and Alison Meredith.
1000 Mile High Club is a comedy about a less-than-immaculate conception on the first commercial flight into space. By Christopher Welldon, dir Sam Genocchio, it stars Pat Booker, Bianca Bradey, Kerrie Gee & Ted Crosby.
The Closet is a kooky satire on kid’s TV where ‘censored’ toys scheme to get out of the closet and prove their ‘family values’. Written by Aoise Stratford, it’s directed by Heath Wilder and stars Kevin Curley as Bar Sponge Round Trousers, Anthony Hunt as Bernard the Dinosaur and Simone Oliver as Twinkle the Teletubby!
Meanwhile at Newtown Theatre from Wednesday, Crush by Kate Toon and directed by Catherine Hollyman sees Alex (Niki Simpson) as the perfect PA to Don Christopher’s CEO. Except she wants to lick him and bite him and rip off his underwear with her teeth!
Among other highlights at Newtown Theatre is The Petrified Book written and directed by Carol Dance and starring Sandy Kerr. This comic piece about unpacking love and loss is filled with irony and provocations.

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