Toy Symphony Opening Night Glen Street Theatre

April 23rd, 2010

21 April 2010    Words and Photos: MiSociety

Glen Street Theatre’s 25th Anniversary season lights up on stage with the award-winning Toy Symphony

The Glen celebrates its 25th Anniversary Season in 2010 with both a new look to the theatre and a stellar line up of productions. The opening play for 2010 is Michael Gow’s Toy Symphony.  Toy Symphony is passionate, imaginative, tumultuous, at times funny and a good reason to go to a play even for those who seldom do.

Amongst the myriad of characters in Toy Symphony (played by the cast of  just five) there will be someone you know or, more likely, the ghost of someone from your memory or even – yourself.

Roland Henning (Chris Pitman) has writer’s block so dramatically he can’t even say the word to his psychiatrist (one of the roles played by Lizzy Falkland).  What Roland can relate though is a tumultuous cacophony of  lexis, expressions and terminology in a spectacular monologue that spews forth over several minutes.

In leading us into Roland’s complex world of anxiety, doubt and complexities the first scene gives little hint as to what is to unfold.  But then the tale doesn’t so much as ‘unfold’ – it explodes – through the window, the doors and even the air conditioner – but I won’t give too much away here.

The truly creative mind is an extraordinary beast, made of up the many enigmatic facets of both the bearer’s personality and the people and events that have shaped their being.  Gow takes us into this crowded void utilizing his own memories from childhood including those of his teacher Mrs Walkham (Barbara Lowing) who saw the potential he possessed as a child.  It is a some what a cerebral play and you must stay alert but the subject matter is craftily managed to both entertain and give you much to take away.

The cast made up of Lizzi Falkland, Barbara Lowing, Daniel Mulvihill, Chris Pitman and Ed Wightman are well versed with Toy Symphony and all give outstanding performances.  GO SEE IT! 

Toy Symphony, winner of the 2007 Sydney Theatre Awards in the category New Australian Work, is presented by The Queensland Theatre Company and the State Theatre Company of South Australia.

Toy Symphony at the Glen Street Theatre runs until Saturday 1 May. 
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