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From the Saddle or Travel – the reality!  by  Capt’n Cork n Cruisin’ Cate

12 May 2009 S.S. Geriatrica—extracts from the log

Hey Amigos
“Aging is to be avoided, however, if inevitable approach with a modern mind, a lust for info., no excess kilos and a well selected wife.”
I suspect that the Japanese whaling fleet, having fallen foul of world opinion, have taken to disguising captured minsky(s) as Caucasians septuagenarians (mainly women) , squeezing them into size 24 frocks and calling them “cruisers”.  Their fate is to be reported, stay tuned!!  Their sole krill staple has quickly moved to 4 course meals, 3 times daily with cake and pastry top-ups in between—this will translate into more kilos at the market , but less $/kg through loss of quality.

Gym scene is more refreshing—glassed-in room (100m~) offering views of ocean or plunge pools. 12 stst. Bikes, 8 walking/jogging machines, 10 contraptions (as used by the CIA at Guantanamo Bay), attended by the usual gym junkies and a variety of souls who shouldn’t be there (and don’t come back).

Dining and booze stations are abundant—you cannot get hungry or thirsty (or sober) –24/7. Cost yardstick, Houghtons Classic White $28+ 10%, Becks $7.50 etc.  Night stage shows are very Leagues Clubesque.

Ticked off a bucket list item at Exmouth (Ningaloo Reef)–dived with Whale Sharks, 3 speckled giants, 4m, 7m, & 9m. No fear, just awe but must comply with 3m exclusion zone—a whack from that 2.5m tail—back breaker!!

Next was Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang & Phuket—all interesting and busy.  Few stats on S’pore — pop 4.8mil., 30mil container movements/annum and world’s 8th most prosperous nation. On ya Lee Kwan Yew!!

India is our next nation, Mumbai – Cochin – Goa then on to The Maldives.

Cruisin’ Cate’s looking great-brace so resign yourself Cap’t Cork, there’ll be more of this !!!
Cheers and beers,

PS, any replies or other caustic emails should be addressed to Cruisin’ Cate’s email address ‘cause I’m on webmail at only $0.65/min—I’m Scottish you know!!, tar


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