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From the Saddle or Travel – the reality!  by  Capt’n Cork n Cruisin’ Cate
19 May 2009
India, done but not dusted!!—the joint is filthy—beetlenut gozzie streaked down the taxi driver’s door—for openers!–Should I go on? No!!,  in the interests of reasonable sensibilities.
I am, however, led by anthropological curiosity, to endorse the circa 30k BC migratory link , to our own indigenous race.  Skin and hair (texture and colour), facial features, slender limbs, voice pitch & tongue speed.

On a different tack—the harmonious co-existence of Muslim, Hindu and Christian faiths is refreshing. Not always so, but now a lasting tribute to Mahatma Gandhi. Their personal statement of their faith is overt and (apparently) not provocative.
The Mumbai terrorist attack last November, is accepted as inter-racial (Paki vs. India) and intended to unhinge the Indian economy and not spiritually motivated. Nearly 200 fatalities of all creeds and faiths.
However, it’s an ill AK47 that doesn’t blow some good—the Café Leopold proudly displays the numerous bullet holes, which they don’t intend fixing. Tour buses now include it in their itineraries.  Not so the Taj Mahal Hotel. It is barricaded and secured with metal detectors, x-rays and armed soldiers, 24/7.
India’s economy & prosperity must be reasonably healthy (although not apparent by the street scene). Using that universal and faithfully accurate gauge, the Macdonald’s Big Mac—cost au$3.75—fries extra.
Some interesting shipboard stats, 1983 passengers, 901 crew.  No. of condoms sold? Passengers=0, crew=plenty. There will be more statistical info in future editions but I want to make doubly sure my quotes are accurate.
Tomorrow, The Maldives, then the  Seychelles. Excited about diving there.  Cates is very well and loving this caper.
Cheers and beers


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