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From the Saddle or Travel – the reality!  by  Capt’n Cork n Cruisin’ Cate

23 – 24 July 2010  Field testing the canons in Singapore
Hi Troops, we decided to field test the canons in Singapore for about36 hours. Yes, the powder was dry and (at least) my cannon ‘popped’–pathetic really.

Hey, keep your eye on Singa!!  “Leak On You” got it right way back when the ‘basket weavers’ & John Farnham were protesting over his pragmatic and severe punishment for offenders. Well, it’s paid off, big time. 17% growth, chock-a-block employment etc etc. In the 36 hours we were there, I didn’t see one example of vandalism, graffiti, litter, chewing gum nor a policeman nor squad car.

A cabbie explained it’s every citizen’s duty to report an offender(s) & if convicted, the punk will get caned across the buttocks (ol’ English tradition) 1 stripe = 1 year he(she) won’t be sitting down.

The snivel libertarians don’t get a lookin here!!

24 July 2010   Conquering  The Baltic
Hi Troops, our campaign has moved to the Baltic–our trip takes in Denmark, Nth Germany, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland & Sweden.

It’s a good thing I’m an aficionado and appreciator of beauty & form—particularly if it’s female and even up to 45 yrs.  

Otherwise the efforts of the local gals to be stylish, tall, tanned & very glam would be wasted. There’s no difficulty picking them from the cruise passengers  Admittedly the ‘cruisers’ are dutifully following a babbling guide holding aloft a coloured flag which matches the colour patch stuck to the tourists heart or very ample wobbly left breast (which is trying to shake off the disc at every step). En masse, the ‘cruisers’ (generally) look like a moving Lowes advert, by comparison.

We boarded the “Voyager” (hopefully not named after the OZ destroyer)in Copenhagen. She’s an Italian designed and built modern vessel, elaborately featuring gloss varnished timberwork and polished brass. 700 passengers, mainly Yanks from Florida!!- need I go on?? Cruisin Cate gives ‘em curry “How could you possibly re-elect Bush for a second term??”.

Now I want you to go and get your atlas’ and check out the Baltic, ’cause it shows that significant nations like Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden etc can only (Black Sea excepted) access the worlds oceans via the Baltic. Bit like living in a cul-de-sac in Nth Turramurra.

So those nation’s harbours and ports have become very very serious centres of infrastructure and wealth over the millennia.  Throw in a whole lot of war (no peace) many times tends to make it rich in history.  Poor ol’ Estonia for example has been occupied on and off for over 800 years in the last 1000 years.

Seems that conflict is as strong an instinct as procreation—figure that out!!!   Cheers and beers


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