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5 August 2010
From the Saddle or Travel – the reality!  by  Capt’n Cork n Cruisin’ Cate

Hi team,  STOCKHOLM:-  The cruise finishes here for everyone (except that strange breed who live as permanent passengers–subject to negotiation, I estimate over US$400k per annum + drinks)

Settlement of one’s on board account is done subtly but there’s no way anyone could “duck out the back, Jack!!”, it was entertaining to watch the process unfold suggesting that “doing a runner” is not foreign to cruise operators.

Our digs are on the harbour front in the “Old Town”— a medieval precinct–narrow winding cobbled streets, gas lamps–unchanged over centuries including the changing of the palace’s guards except the ritual now includes (surreptitiously) handing over a ‘walkie-talkie’, now there’s an anachronism.

Gay Pride has been celebrated throughout the week –a huge tourist event–rainbow flags and fags everywhere, with all their cruisin’, dark rooms etc.

On the straight side of life, Stockers folk have been celebrating the marriage of Princess Victoria to a commoner, Daniel, her personal trainer.  We visited the families’ palaces, wow!!, such opulence, such wealth -I don’t think Vicky and Danny will be going to Ikea for a newlyweds starter pack!!.

Australia doesn’t have stuff-up episodes on its own. There is a huge 4 story museum displaying the ill fated “:Vasa”–a top heavy square rigged gun ship that capsized 1500m from the broken champers bottle.   Talk about the smile-wiper of the century!!. 400 years later, in 1961, they refloated it (corpses and all) but ironically no guns. They’d been retrieved much earlier for the metal. Can’t you picture down at the jail, “Sven, we’re looking for a guy who can free dive 40m with a rope and tie it around a cannon. Then you come back up, yes with the rope!  and do that 10 times and you can go free”…

Since the hull was so well preserved by the cold water and mud, it has been cleaned-up, painted in near original colours and is sole occupant of its own museum. Daily tens of thousands of visitors throw their Kroner into a huge museum investment success. That defines ‘alternate investment’, yes?

The dinner bell is ringing and then we’re off to Moscow. “What should I wear?” is everyone’s question.. 38 to 40`C for over a week. The answer to this quandary is “Not much!!” which I can tell you, in advance, the Moscow chicks do in style.

Cheers and beers


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