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Victor Churchill butcher shop re-launch

18 August 2009    Story & Photos:  Bill Ranken

Victor Churchill’s Is No Ordinary Butcher’s Shop
For those who don’t already know I am basically a vegetarian but have been known to nibble a bit of fish occasionally so turning up to the launch of a butcher’s shop well it was a bit of a one-off for yours truly.

But, my friends,  this is no ordinary butcher’s shop.  This is the oldest butcher in Australia established in 1876 by a member of the original Churchill family, James Churchill and carried on by his sons Victor and Cyril.

The Victor Churchill butcher shop was, for generations, the haunt of many of Sydney’s top of the towners.  Now it has been taken over by Victor and Anthony Puharich of Vic’s Premium Meat and given a $1.5million fit-out.

The opening party rated a 10 for smart guests, top of the range Champagne, catering by Stedman’s and food prepared by 3 hat chef Peter Gilmore from the Quay Restaurant.

Guests on board included Master Chef Julie Goodwin, Kate Pascoa, Anthony Squires, Amber L’Strange and Justin Hemmes.  The selection of finger food was the most original I have encountered in my years on the social circuit.

Anthony Puharich made a great speech to sum up a top evening.  I (the said vegetarian) then drifted on up into the night clutching a complementary New York cut of wagyu steak!!

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