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Walk Against Warming – with Manly Council

December 12, 2009


‘Walk Against Warming’, Australia ’s biggest community day of action on climate change, gets under way at 1pm in Martin Place on Saturday 12 December 2009, coinciding with the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.
Manly residents are invited to join the ‘Walk Against Warming’ by getting behind a four-metre wide Manly Council ‘Manly Council supports Walk Against Warming’ banner with friends and family – dressed in local marine or wildlife costumes!
To walk under the Manly Council banner, catch the 11.45am Ferry from Manly Wharf to Circular Quay. Alternatively, meet us at Martin Place at 12.45pm.
Manly Council this year joins Leichhardt and Waverley Councils in calling on residents to take part in the walk, calling on national and international leaders for strong leadership on climate change.
Saturday 12 December provides a critical opportunity for the Manly community to show our leaders that strong and binding commitments must be made to address the threat of Climate Change.
The annual ‘Walk Against Warming’ event is for people from all walks of life – from families to community groups and we ask you to walk with Manly Council to highlight in particular the threat to Manly’s biodiversity that Climate Change poses by dressing up as a local marine or wildlife creature.
Based on the belief that the only way we can be heard on climate change is by standing together, ‘Walk Against Warming’ provides a powerful voice for ordinary Australians to be counted on the most critical issue of our lifetimes – climate change.
This year, 2009, it’s more crucial than ever that we are heard.
In December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to negotiate a global agreement on tackling climate change and decide the future of the planet.
Climate change will affect everyone but it is the world’s poorest people in developing countries – those least responsible for causing it – who are already suffering due to climate change and who will continue to be the hardest hit.
Walk Against Warming is Australia ’s contribution to the International Day of Action on Climate Change.
Taking place in every capital city and regional towns and cities across Australia , Walk Against Warming attracts ordinary Australians who are prepared to stand up for the rights of future generations to a safe climate.
By walking against warming you are calling for:
· strong and urgent action to ensure a safe climate for future generations – world leaders must ensure the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere are reduced to less than 350 parts per million.
· a global deal that is fair between countries and delivers the policies necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change.
So, stand up and be counted, for the future of our planet and for our children and theirs too.


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