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Walkley Awards 2011 List of Finalists

Walkley Award Finalists for 2011 Announced

Print News Report
Philip Dorling, The Age “Scathing attacks on Rudd”
Jason Koutsoukis, The Age “Tobruk rises up but fear pervades”
Joseph Catanzaro, The West Australian Secret toll of war”

Richard Bakerand Nick McKenzie, The Age “Bugged: Sir Ken Jones targeted by the OPI”
Kate McClymont, Vanda Carson, Bellinda Kontominas and Tom Reilly The Sydney Morning Herald“Police finally swoop 13 months after kill” 

Social Equity Journalism
Trent Dalton, QWeekend, The Courier-Mail “Home is where the hurt is”
Steve Cannane, Jo Puccini, Alison McClymont, LatelineABC TV “Inside the Malaysia deal”
Kirsti Melville, 360 documentariesABC Radio National “The age of attraction” 

Michael McKenna and Rory Callinan, The Weekend Australian “Six degrees of desperation”.

Best Online Journalism
Andy Drewitt, leader-news.whereilive.com.au “Carers in crisis”
Eleanor Bell, Ed Giles and Suzanne Smith, ABC News Online “Beating the odds”
Matthew Liddy, Andrew Kesper, Jim Whimpey, Gillian Bradford and Katie Franklin, ABC News Online “Brisbane floods: before and after interactive” and “Japan tsunami”

Daily Life Photography
Mark Evans, The Daily Telegraph “The life of Riley”
Scott Barbour, Getty Images “A day at the races”
Stuart McEvoy, The Australian “Cyclone Yasi – Maria Domandi”

Best Three Headings
Rita Williams, The Sydney Morning Herald Unarmed and dangerous: ADF warned of holes in its own defence”, “Chew for IQ: pupils to go in gums blazing” “Spying on the increase but the bugs don’t necessarily bite”.
Shane Brady, The Sydney Morning Herald “Mixed doubles rubbers put drains under strain”, “Can you heard the drums, Fernando?…”, “Farewell this unrepresentative swill”
Warwick McFadyen, The Age “Greens and leaks leave sour taste in Gillard’s mouth”, “All a’twitter, the Hurley bird should have seen the Warne-ing signs”, “Massaging the figures? Stats the way (they like it)”

Coverage of Indigenous Affairs
Sarah Elks and Tony Koch, The Australian “Model Indigenous college fights claims”
Kathleen Skene, Townsville Bulletin Family first”
Peter Cronau, Four Corners, ABC “Return to Aurukun”

Sharon Mascall, ABC News Radio “The big house”

Coverage of Community and Regional Affairs
Emily Macdonald and the Townsville Bulletin Team “Monster”
Jane Bardon, 7pm News ABC TV “Inpex underestimates blasting impact on dolphins”
Nigel Hopkins, Adelaide Hills Magazine “Inside Inverbrackie”

Sports Journalism
Grantlee Kieza, QWeekend, The Courier-Mail “The horse whisperer: Peter Moody and the making of Black Caviar”
Gerard Whateley, ABC TV and Radio, Fox Sports “Neil Craig resigns” and “Dean Bailey sacked”
Caro Meldrum-Hanna, The 7.30 Report, ABC TV “Harness racing under scrutiny”

Greg Prichard, The Sydney Morning Herald  “Betting scandal strikeforce to interview players from Bulldogs-Cowboys clash”
Ben English, Josh Massoud, Phil Rothfield and Christian Nicolussi, The Daily Telegraph “Ryan Tandy: the first interview”

Sports Photography
Adam Pretty, Getty Images “2011 World Swimming Championships”
Quinn Rooney, Getty Images
“Journey to the 2011 World Swimming Championships”
Ryan Pierse,
Getty Images “Bondi bare hand rope climbers”

Radio News and Current Affairs Reporting
Mark Willacy, ABC Radio “Rikuzentakata tsunami”
Ben Knight, ABC Radio “Tobruk celebrates freedom from Gaddafi”
Neil Mitchell, Radio 3AW Melbourne “The leak that finished the chief commissioner”

Radio Feature, Documentary or Broadcast Special
Kirsti Melville, 360 documentaries, ABC Radio National “The age of attraction”
Sacha Payne and SBS World News Australia Radio Team “Two decades, too little, too late for many…”
Katrina Bolton, The World Today, ABC Radio National “Drink, death and dollars”

Di Martin, Background Briefing, ABC Radio National “A dignified death” 

Magazine Feature Writing
Annabel Crabb, The Monthly “The story Gillard can’t tell”
Christine Jackman, The Weekend Australian Magazine “Caught in the net”
Mike Colman, QWeekend, The Courier-Mail “Tree of life”

Best Scoop of the Year
Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie, The Age “Bugged: Sir Ken Jones targeted by the OPI”
Matt Moran and Hugh Riminton, Ten News, Network Ten “Kate”
Angelique Johnson and Nick Harmsen, ABC Online, ABC Local Radio  and ABC News 24 “Rann coup”

Philip Dorling, The Age “Scathing attacks on Rudd” 

Oslo Davis, The Age “Assange”
Mark Knight, Herald Sun “Those beady little eyes”
David Rowe, The Australian Financial Review “Mini Murdoch” 

David Pope, CanberraTimes “We’ve got to start early tomorrow, my dear”

Simon Bosch, The Sydney Morning Herald “The dark legacy of child abuse”
David Rowe, The Australian Financial Review “Budget 2011”
Mario Lendvai, The Australian “Sydney-Hobart yacht race”
Tony Bela, The Courier-Mail “Japan fallout” 

Sustained Coverage of an Issue or Event
Mark Willacy, ABC “Rikuzentakata tsunami”
Jason Koutsoukis, The Age/The Sydney Morning Herald “One man lights a powderkeg and Arab world is shaken to its core”
Natasha Bita, The Australian “Experts defend policy on vaccines”

Paul Lockyer, ABC TV “Grantham”

Newspaper Feature Writing
Jill Baker, Herald Sun Weekend “The big C and me”
Pamela Williams, Australian Financial Review “How AMP won the long war for AXA”
Rory Callinan and Michael McKenna, The Weekend Australian “Official failure leads to lives lost”

Paige Taylor, The Australian “Detention misery cuts both ways”

News Photography
Craig Greenhill, The Daily Telegraph “Christmas Island Tragedy”
Neville Madsen, Toowoomba Chronicle “Toowoomba flood rescue”
Rob Maccoll, Queensland Newspapers “Is that all you’ve got?”

Jack Tran
, freelance for The Australian “Baby Montannah with CW02”

Business Journalism
Stephen Long and Mary Fallon, Four Corners, ABC TV “Bad call”
Angus Grigg and Jamie Freed, The Australian Financial Review “NSW Labor and the $1 land deal”
Michael West, The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age “Rio dumps record BHP deal” 

Damon Kitney and Tracy Lee, The Weekend Australian “The man who would be king”

Photographic Essay
Stuart McEvoy, The Australian “Up to his neck – Southern Queensland floods”
Glenn Campbell, The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age “Stolen Spirits”
Jason Edwards, Leader Newspapers “Circus Olympia”

International Journalism
Ben Doherty,The Age/The Sydney Morning Herald “A journey that ended where it started – in despair”
Yaara Bou Melhem, Dateline, SBS “Syria: freedom’s call” and “Bahrain’s dark secret”
Fouad Hady and Geoff Parish, Dateline, SBS “Breaking Point”

Mark Corcoran, Greg Wilesmith, Craig Berkman, Youssef Taha and Simon Brynjolffssen, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV “Egyptian revolution: Salma in the square”

Best Broadcast Camerawork
Geoffrey Lye, Foreign Correspondent, ABC TV “Kenya: a place in the sand”
Jeremy Ward, Seven News, Seven Network “Murphy’s Creek flood”
Aaron Lewis, Dateline, SBS “Manhunt”

Television News Reporting
Matt Moran and Hugh Riminton, Network Ten “Skype scandal”
Erin Edwards, Geoff Breusch, Jeremy Ward and Luke Miers, Seven Network “Murphy’s Creek Flood”
Hamish Macdonald, Network Ten “Sendai search”, “Sendai impact”, and “Minamisanriku-the town that disappeared”

Sharri Markson and Lee Jeloscek, Seven Network “Stoner feels the heat” 

Television Current Affairs Reporting (less than 20 minutes)
Ross Coulthart and Mick O’Donnell, Sunday Night, Seven Network “Rescue 500”
Monique Shafter, Hungry Beast and ABC TV “Trapped in your own body”
Fouad Hady,  Geoff Parish and Melanie Morrison,  Dateline, SBS “Breaking point” 

Jo Townsend and Michael Usher, 60 Minutes, Nine Network “Torn apart”

Television Current Affairs, Feature of Special (more than 20 minutes)
Sarah Ferguson, Michael Doyle and Anne Worthington, Four Corners ABC TV “A bloody business”
Ges D’Souza, Paul Lockyer, John Bean and Gary Ticehurst, ABC TV “After the deluge” and “The Valley”
Stephen McDonell and Robert Hill, Foreign Correspondent ABC TV “Dirty Secrets” and “True believers” 

Ross Coulthart, Max Uechtritz and Gareth Harvey,Sunday Night, Seven Network “The Lost Diggers”

Investigative Journalism
Linton Besser and Dylan Welch, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald “The untouchables: crime fighters let gangsters take the money and run”
Richard Baker and Nick McKenzie, The Age “RBA held evidence of bribery/Who knew what when?”
Mark Willacy, 7.30 Report and ABC News, ABC TV “Fukushima cover up”

Neil Chenoweth, Fiona Buffini, Hannah Low and Matthew Cranston, The Australian Financial Review “Revealed: Inside Australia’s biggest tax sting”

Broadcast and Online Interviewing
Ross Coulthart, Sunday Night, Seven Network “Ricky Nixon”
Leigh Sales, 7.30 Report, ABC TV “Three Players” (interviews with Scott Morrison, John Hartigan and Mark Arbib)
Tony Jones, Lateline, ABC TV “Christopher Hitchens”, “Malcolm Turnbull”and “Chris Bowen”

Commentary, Analysis, Opinion and Critique
Laura Tingle, The Australian Financial Review “Liars and clunkheads fail budget test”
Michael Brissenden, The Drum, ABC “Political hopes rest on millions of American dreams”
John Silvester, The Saturday Age “Small fish, filthy pond”

Adele Ferguson, The Age“Murky world of Super Funds,” “Super fund or controversy,” “Gunfight at VB corral”

Walkley Documentary Award
Darren Dale, Tony Krawitz and Chloe Hooper “The Tall Man”
Rick McPhee, Ivan O’Mahoney, Michael Cordell and Nick Murray “Go Back to Where You Came From”
Catherine Scott and Pat Fiske “Scarlet Road”


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