War Horse Sydney Opening Night, Red Carpet and After Party plus Review

March 25th, 2013


War Horse Sydney Opening Night, Red Carpet, After Party, Review photos images and story;  MiSociety

Sydney 21 March 2013 
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 War Horse real theatre with soul in the hands of masters – or how can a puppet make me cry
War Horse has galloped into Sydney and thundered across the Lyric Theatre stage creating real theatre with all the drama, action and technical wizardry we had been promised.  War Horse is presented by The National Theatre of Great Britain and Global Creatures.

War Horse encompasses the tale of ‘Joey’ a mighty stead separated from his young owner Albert Narracott (played by rising star Cody Fern).  ‘Joey’ is shipped off to the trenches of World War 1 with ‘Albert’ signing up in an endeavour to find his beloved four legged friend.

The mighty, full size ‘war horse’ puppets are ‘best in show’ with their extraordinarily well crafted life like movements that had the audience entranced and reaching for the tissues on several occasions.  The WW1 battle sequences are played out with focussed hard props and superbly orchestrated expert lighting and sound that drew the audience into the battle. 

Michael Morpurgo, Author of War Horse, created the story from his memories of growing up during WW2 in the U.K. and experiencing first hand the impact of war on those in the battle fields and those that waited and often then mourned them.  This insight from Michael is evident in the superb and moving stage production of War Horse.

War Horse’s souvenir program is a worthwhile purchase for the background content within and historical facts many may not be aware of. 

MiSociety Verdict –  real theatre with soul in the hands of masters.
Sydney Lyric Theatre

War Horse After Party at Marquee
MiSociety really did feel like a drink post the moving performances we had just witnessed.  The Marquee with its amazing lighting effects was soon filled with invited guests all singing the praises of WarHorse as they infiltrated all areas both inside and out.

Cast members joined the throng and were excited to relay stories from the show and to praise both the production and their fellow cast members as the party rocked on into the small hours. – excellent!

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