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Warringah Creative Space Opens with ‘Certain Nature’ Exhibition

March 13, 2014toApril 11, 2014




Warringah Creative Space. Council and Community renovate new space in sustainable project for the promotion of creativity on the Northern Beaches.  Certain Nature exhibition to open centre.

  • 13 March – 11 April 2014
  • Warringah Creative Space Abbott Road, Curl Curl

Warringah Creatice Space artist Lisa Woolfe

Warringah Creative Space, at Abbott Road, Curl Curl will be used for exhibitions, artists in residence and other creative activities. It will be opened with a curated exhibition, Certain Nature on Friday 14 March.

“Warringah Creative Space is a win for artists, for locals and the environment.  Six months ago the building was an unused Scout Hall, which had fallen into disrepair. It’s been renovated over six months in a unique project – using salvaged materials. The project is a partnership between Warringah Council, Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre* and the community. Kimbriki and the community donated materials and community members helped finish the renovation in a “community blitz” said Warringah Mayor, Michael Regan.

Northern Beaches Creative Space and Gallery Opens with Exhibition; Certain Nature
Nine contemporary artists working in a diverse range of materials are exploring concepts around our relationship with nature and the environment in Certain Nature.

The exhibition, curated by Cassandra Hard Lawrie, is the opening attraction at the new Warringah Creative Space. The space was renovated using salvaged materials in a Council project that saw the transformation of an old, disused Scout Hall into a much-needed space for the promotion of creativity on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Certain Nature asks; “What does it mean to be naturalised?  How do we as humans adapt to a place or an environment?  In turn, how much do we enforce change on an environment?”

Curator, Cassandra Hard Lawrie said: “Some artists work directly with the local urban and natural landscape; others explore our material cultural world as being intrinsically informed and changed by nature, despite its man-made fabrication. There are artworks that explore our impact on the environment and resultant effects such as land degradation and the possibility of human-induced climate change, while others evoke the sublime idea that the human can be overwhelmed by nature — that it similarly can be perceived as destructive. Further, the question is asked; “If we can consciously respond to the environment, how does it respond to us?””

  • Certain Nature 13 March – 11 April 2014
  • Curator: Cassandra Hard Lawrie
  • Warringah Creative Space Abbott Road, Curl Curl

Certain Nature Artists 
Jessica Birk
Jessica Birk is a young Indigenous artist born in 1984 on the northern beaches of Sydney. Jessica is a proud descendant of the Yaegl people from The Clarence Valley in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Through her art Jessica asserts herself as a contemporary storyteller of the Yaegl people. Through her art-making she explores the extent to which she can imprint her identity and personal experiences, as well as the notions of belonging and familial lineage, upon the imagery, the colours, the patterns and the forms in her work.

Julia Davis
Julia Davis is a Sydney based artist whose site-specific work explores the perceptions of, and relationships between, objects, places and spaces. Her questions revolve around how these perceptions underpin our sense of self as well as the idea that landscape is cultural space – a space formed by and informing culture. She has exhibited at Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Pelotin, the Tin Sheds and Manly Art Gallery and Museum and was included in Drawing Lines in Sand at Cockatoo Island.

Kuba Dorabialski
Kuba Dorabialski studied video and performance at the College of Fine Arts. Kuba is an artist and poet. His work often deals with art history, language and the possibility of joy. He was born in Wroclaw, Poland and lives in Sydney. Previous exhibitions include Art in Odd Places.
Angela Griffiths
Angela Griffiths works with ‘light’ environments that contain a theme of contradiction. The viewer is drawn into her work through the hypnotic patterning of cones and the soft glow of translucent white porcelain while the hard sharpness of these same elements can leave the viewer also with an unsettling feeling of danger. She has exhibited at Gallery 8, MONA, Sculpture by the Sea and Sculpture in the Vineyards.

Bettina Kingma
Bettina Kingma is a photojournalist who is a born dreamer who loves to take photographs of people/places that are beautiful, unique and special in this world. She has been documenting the transformation of the Warringah Creative Space from an unused Scout Hall.

Leesa Knights
Leesa’s Knights creative journey explores the repurposing and transformation of both common and unusual waste. Utilizing discarded objects gathered from public places, business sites and home, she reconfigures her materials to unlock both beauty and form. She has exhibited at the Manly Arts Festival, Warringah Art Exhibition and Currawong Eco Art.

Penny Philpott
Penny Philpott has exhibited several installations and single works including Hidden at Rookwood Cemetery, Sculpture in the Vineyards, Sculpture at Scenic World, Woman’s Day International art prize and a group show at Cessnock Regional Gallery. She works with multiple objects to create large-scale installations and creative use of space.

Katy B Plummer
Katy B Plummer has a BFA from CoFA, and a MFA from SVA in New York. She has exhibited at Mop Gallery and Art in Odd Places. She is a video/installation/performance artist interested in people’s attempts to transcend their animal selves.

Lisa Woolfe
Lisa Woolfe works across drawing, painting and printmaking and her main interest is the landscape. Her current project is a folio of large-scale drawings and etchings based on her wanderings through the Manly Dam catchment. Lisa has been a finalist in numerous art awards including the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing, Burnie Print Prize and Mosman Art Prize. Among other awards, she received the Earle Backen Award for Excellence in Printmaking from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. 



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