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What to wear to the Polo in Australia – Fashion at the Polo



What to wear to VIP Polo days  for the ladies, gents, gals, guys and everyone in between. 

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What to wear to the polo What to wear to the Polo fashions What to wear to the polo for men
What to wear to the Polo Fashions What to wear to the polo - polo fashion What to wear to the polo for men - polo fashion

What do I wear to the Polo?  Fashion at the Polo is as important as anywhere else.  Here’s some tips on Polo fashion as the word now in Australia is that ‘Polo is the new Racing’, not only amongst the ‘horsey’ set but with everyone and anyone who strives to keep abreast with the social scene in our cities as well as our regional areas.

In the fashion stakes a day at the Polo falls somewhere between a day at a special race meeting and a nice picnic with friends.  Outfits at games in regional centres tend to be a little more casual whereas the city games tend to attract a somewhat more glammy crowd.

What to wear to the Polo for the ‘GALS’

The Shoes

  • When it comes to a day at the Polo the best fashion advice is to start from the feet up.  Remember you will be in a ‘paddock’ of sorts and even though you may be a guest in a ‘marquee’ these are generally grass floored.  ‘Stomping the divots’ is also a big part of any day at the Polo which means you will be out on the field replacing the divots thrown up by all those wonderful steeds and their hunky riders.
  • Forget the stilettos (heels sinking in grass with upturned toes is not a look and really annoying).
  • Wedge heels, flats or glam sandals are the go here (boots in winter).

The Dress

  • ‘Paddocks’ tend to often be a little windy so keep this in mind.  The ‘little floatey short number’ could turn out to be a floating nightmare on the day.
  • Kaftans, of course, are still about but either make it a long one or wear it with pants or tights.
  • Linen or cotton on warm days will make life a little more comfortable and a simple smart light coloured shift with the right accessories will always steal the scene.
  • Remember if you would wear it to a nightclub or bar on a Saturday night, don’t wear it to the Polo (same rules as racing).


  • Jeans paired with a crisp white shirt, fabulous belt and bangles will have you looking part of the Polo scene particularly at regional games.
  • Should you decide to go the ‘shorts’ route (and please, please only if you are very young and have the legs and body to pull it off) do bear in mind this is not a day at the beach or a competition about how high can you go. Short shorts are a no no if you want to blend in here.


  • Essential of course.  Aviators are still around for both guys and gals with the ‘Buddy Holly’ look being somewhat overdone now.  A more casual approach here will fit you in.  For those who like to look like walking sunglass ‘designer’ billboards this just looks crass and cheap amongst this set.

The Essential  Bag

  • You are going to be outside for many hours so you will need a bag that will hold all the necessities i.e. sunscreen, water, touch up cosmetics and hair brush/comb.  No matter how much you like the strappy little dress shivering in a corner is not the way to have fun so make room in your bag for a shawl/cardie for changing weather conditions.
  • A classy leather shoulder bag here - but again - avoid anything over the top or glitzy.


  • No fascinators under any circumstances!
  • Headgear here is supposed to be for sun protection so forget anything ‘formal’ and keep it simple.


  • Forget the big sparklies (distracting for the ponies and won’t win any points with their riders either).
  • Go for big bold colours in bangles and neck pieces to co-ordinate with a simple outfit.
  • If your outfit is bold already keep accessories to a minimum.

What to wear to the Polo for the GUYS

  • A good pair of jeans, moleskins, casual cotton trousers or cargoes (but if their last outing was to the beach don’t wear them here).
  • The right belt and buckle suitable for the above.  If you wear the belt with your dress pants don’t wear it with your jeans.
  • A crisp linen or cotton shirt well ironed in either plain light colours, stripes or checks (no Hawaiian numbers pleeeese!)
  • ‘Polo’ style T shirts with a collar are okay or a well fitting Italian knit .  Anything that’s got your favourite band or trashy scene or bad language emblazoned on it is best left at home on the floor.
  • Footwear can be leather loafers, RM Williams boots, Baxters riding boots or anything currently trendy but definitely not your old ‘runners’ or rubber thongs.
  • A good pair of sunglasses.

Best thing to wear to the Polo?  A big friendly smile.  Enjoy yourself but go easy on the booze, don’t take it all too seriously and remember, not everyone is there just to look at you.  Cheers  MiSociety.

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