Wicked Women Exhibition Opening Night Justice and Police Museum Sydney

October 25th, 2012


Wicked Women Exhibition Opening Night Justice and Police Museum Sydney photos and story;  MiSociety 19 October 2012

Wicked Women Court in Oils at Police Museum
Wicked Women, a playful and wickedly sexy new exhibition, was launched at it’s home in the Historic Houses Trust’s building, The Justice and Police Museum in Sydney.

‘Wicked Women’ exhibition is a collection of well executed portraits by prize-winning artist Rosemary Valadon. The exhibition comprises of portraits of 17 of Australia’s high profile women posing as ‘femme fatales’ from pulp fiction and film noir styles of the early-20th century.  

Margaret Cunneen, Imogen Kelly, and Skye Leckie were some of the subject ‘Wicked Women’ present on the night whilst other invited guests included (appropriately enough) renowned barrister and Senior Crown Prosecutor, Mark Tedeschi, and flamboyent barrister and columnist Charlie Waterstreet. 

Professor Larissa Behrendt opened the exhibition with a witty yet powerful speech – there must be something in the Australian air currently encouraging women (wicked or not) to project strong opinions – Yesss!

Ros Reines is one of the featured ‘Wicked Woman’ but was a no-show at the opening – MiSociety pondered what wickedness Ros may have been up to elsewhere on the night.

Rosemary Valadon has delivered an art show that is great fun but not without some very strong and currently, very relevant, social commentary.

Wicked Women, the exhibition, can be seen at The Justice and Police Museum, Phillip Street, Sydney from now until 23 April 2013.  Further information
Historic Housed Trust Website 

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